[galaxy-dev] Files not ending in .dat

2012-05-21 Thread Ciara Ledero
Hi all, While I was checking Galaxy's database folder, I noticed that some of the files there did not end in .dat. For example, I had dataset_150.dat.bam, dataset_194.dat.fai and dataset_442_files. Can they be removed via the delete and purge scripts of Galaxy? Cheers, CL

Re: [galaxy-dev] How must I configure Apache ?

2012-05-21 Thread julie dubois
Hi, Thanks for your answer. Effectively it's not necessary on integrating Galaxy with a third party authentication system. I've integrated my configuration to the file default and it's work ! Just one remark. I've configured the file ports.conf with the line : Listen 8080, and it didn't work! In

[galaxy-dev] Public IP Address

2012-05-21 Thread Madeleine Matias
Hello, I recently launched a new instance about 6 minutes ago using BioCloud Central (https://biocloudcentral.herokuapp.com/launch) but did not receive a Public IP address. I'm not sure if the instance was fully launched. Here is the Instance and Image ID I received: Instance ID i-6789fa01

[galaxy-dev] How can I connect to galaxy with multiple handlers and Galaxy performances

2012-05-21 Thread julie dubois
Hi, I've follow the instruction of this wiki : http://wiki.g2.bx.psu.edu/Admin/Config/Performance/Web%20Application%20Scaling And when I ran the command : GALAXY_RUN_ALL=1 sh run.sh --daemon I've just obtain this answer in the terminal : Entering daemon mode without this type of line :

[galaxy-dev] Load Files in local instance Ubuntu 12.04 LTS /tmp as /tmpfs

2012-05-21 Thread Luciano Cosme
Hi, I decided to format my PC and reinstall everything. I have Ubuntu 12.04LTS installed in one 1TB hard drive (/ and swap) and the /home folder installed in a 3TB hard drive. I created a /tmp partition of 110GB and a /tmp partion of 110GB, both in the 1TB HD. Then I mounted /tmp as /tmpfs

[galaxy-dev] Fwd: Load Files in local instance Ubuntu 12.04 LTS /tmp as /tmpfs

2012-05-21 Thread Luciano Cosme
Hi, Actually Galaxy is using tmpfs mounted on /tmp. I just uploaded a small file and a big file. The small file works fine, but the big file (~20GB) did not. The tmpfs started getting used and stopped at 2.2GB, then I got a error from Galaxy. Here is the df -h: Filesystem Size Used Avail

Re: [galaxy-dev] Fwd: Load Files in local instance Ubuntu 12.04 LTS /tmp as /tmpfs

2012-05-21 Thread Redmond, James
Hi Luciano, Just curious, but could you post the /tmp and swap lines from your fstab? I think I see your problem, but I'm not certain. Thanks! Jim Redmond Department of Developmental Biology Washington University in St. Louis Office: +1-314-747-4033 jredm...@wustl.edu From:

Re: [galaxy-dev] Public IP Address

2012-05-21 Thread Enis Afgan
Hi Madeleine, By design (ie, for your own benefit), there is no way for anyone but yourself to check on the status of an AWS instance once started. In order to check what happened and if an instance got started, you should log into https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/home with the same AWS