Re: [galaxy-dev] [galaxy-user] Amazon EC2: An error occurred running this job: Job output not returned from cluster

2013-05-04 Thread Brian Lin
I am unfortunately not suuuper sure how I fixed this issue, as I was doing some pretty bad troubleshooting techniques and changing a ton of things at once. There are two things I may be able to suggest. When you create the amazon instance, there is an option to use optimized EBS storage. There is

Re: [galaxy-dev] Running Galaxy through Apache

2013-05-04 Thread Adam Brenner
Jeff, Did you ever get this to work? -Adam -- Adam Brenner Computer Science, Undergraduate Student Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences Research Computing Support Office of Information Technology University of California, Irvine

Re: [galaxy-dev] Running galaxy using Apache as proxy

2013-05-04 Thread Adam Brenner
Mike, Looking at the configuration, you are not proxy'ing anything. Take a look at my pervious post here and see if that helps: Let us know how it goes! (I am planning on submitting a re-write for the Apache Proxy