Re: [galaxy-dev] Budgeting a production Galaxy instance

2016-10-06 Thread Hans-Rudolf Hotz
Hi Vladimir It is difficult to give you a good number, as it depends on a lot of factors, like: - how "active" are your anticipated '50 active user'? more than 1 job/workflow a day or just 1 job/workflow a month? - do you have to set up a system in order to give the galaxy users access

[galaxy-dev] planemo test with

2016-10-06 Thread D K
Hi galaxy-dev, I'm having a problem running a test using planemo where I would like the value of a parameter taken from one of the data tables. I get the following error in planemo: 'Error creating a job for these tool inputs - Parameter refGenomeSource_type requires a value, but has no legal

[galaxy-dev] Bioinformatics Trainings & Project Works

2016-10-06 Thread Mohammed Iftekhar
Dear All I am organizing Bioinformatics training and project work support for all life science and other IT with science background students.for more details for my course and coaching see in my blog