[galaxy-dev] ERROR in Galaxy

2015-07-27 Thread Stephanie Beck Roth
I have been receiving the following error for over an hour: The server could not complete the request. Please contact the Galaxy Team if this error persists. { outputs: [], implicit_collections: [], jobs: [], output_collections: [] }

Re: [galaxy-dev] error in Galaxy (lefse)

2015-04-26 Thread Jennifer Hillman-Jackson
Hi Luigi, Is this the public Galaxy server in use? If so, please contact the team that administrates the instance directly. The contact information is in the link. http://wiki.galaxyproject.org/PublicGalaxyServers#Huttenhower_Lab The advice is true for all public Galaxy servers presenting with

[galaxy-dev] error in Galaxy (lefse)

2015-04-24 Thread Borruso Luigimaria
Dear Galaxy-project staff, in the last two weeks, I have tried several time to use Lefse but it seems to have some problem. I always get the following message: Internal Server Error Galaxy was unable to successfully complete your request. An error occurred. This may be an intermittent problem