Re: [galaxy-user] question about Filtering Cufflink files

2011-05-09 Thread Jeremy Goecks
Jagat, First, a couple housekeeping issues: (a) the questions you're asking are better suited to the galaxy-user list (questions about using Galaxy and performing analyses) rather than galaxy-dev (questions about installing Galaxy locally and tool development), so I've moved this thread to

[galaxy-user] Composite Datatypes Q.

2011-05-09 Thread Todd Yilk
I have a program I'm trying to galaxify that emits a variable number of result files. I would like the output of my Galaxy tool to show up in Galaxy as an html file with links to the result files. So when you click on the eye, the html file should up in the middle pane ... sorry if I'm not

[galaxy-user] Filter Tool

2011-05-09 Thread Jeremy Goecks
(Starting new thread on galaxy-user.) Jagat, It depends what filter tool you're using and what dataset you're filtering. There is a generic filter tool that can be used to filter Cuffdiff tabular files for either FPKM values and differential expression tests. There is also a tool for