[Audyssey] Stunning Turkey

2006-11-24 Thread Phil Vlasak
Hi Folks, I've put a Thanksgiving sound file on my web site . inspired by the game, now in beta testing. http://www.pcsgames.net/turkey.mp3 It is 120 KB so not too long. Happy Holidays! Phil [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Gamers mailing list ..

[Audyssey] More Holiday Savings!

2006-11-24 Thread Draconis Entertainment
Greetings Gamers, It’s the biggest shopping weekend of the year! And here at Draconis is no exception! We’re please to announce the second of our series of holiday sales. Save 20% on our popular titles Alien Outback, DynaMan, and Pinball Party Pack, Vol. 1, from now until 12/December/2006.

[Audyssey] Sryth

2006-11-24 Thread Steve Cullen
Hi Everyone, I have another question. I just finished the mirk and received as a present the sword of thunder is this sword better then my moonglow sword? I've traded it in at talley's trading post and I usually wined up buying a new shield for 16 adv tokens. which brings my melee rating up

Re: [Audyssey] Sryth

2006-11-24 Thread Bryan Peterson
No, the Sword of Storms is actualy worse than the Moonglow Longsword. I've never found it all that useful. As for Gralgarak's Tomb, take the right hallway and you'll avoid the traps. It ain't pretty when the pretty leaves you with no place to go. J.D. Fortune, Pretty Vegas - Original Message

Re: [Audyssey] Sryth

2006-11-24 Thread Ron Schamerhorn
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[Audyssey] sryth

2006-11-24 Thread Steve Cullen
Hi Everyone, Does this mean I should sell the sword of thunder to Bryniver's. Or can I give the weapon back to Ethel? For Something else? any help would be appreciated thank you all very much. Please feel free to email me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sincerely, Steve Cullen

Re: [Audyssey] a question about shades of doom and turret guns

2006-11-24 Thread Thomas Ward
Answer is none that I can remember, but Dr. Who hasn't been on TV here in the U.S.A. for years. Although, you can buy many newer and older shows on dvd. You must be exterminated! You must be exterminated. You must be exterminated! Sean Mealin wrote: I don't think daleks; when was the last