Re: [Audyssey] MUD's and MUD clients

2006-11-06 Thread Orin
okay, people should start using Mushclient found at Also, there's a mushclient jaws plugin found at I don't know what the direct link is for that, but he's got it linked somewhere. One person on this list got an error, I have no idea why but

Re: [Audyssey] MUD's and MUD clients

2006-11-06 Thread Orin
I've played wormhole before, and it's nice, so yeah, it's quite accessible already, accept, like all muds, the maps. It's nice to see that an admin of this mud actually cares though cause well, not many of them do I think. At 03:36 PM 11/6/2006, you wrote: On 11/4/06, Richard Sherman [EMAIL

[Audyssey] comparing: A cool music band management game popomundo, and hattrick

2006-11-06 Thread Orin
, if anyone wants to join, we have slots open, though I won't get into much detail here, just because I don't really wanna make this into a guide. See you in the Popo world! Orin ___ Gamers mailing list .. To unsubscribe send E-mail

[Audyssey] wormhole mud and wiki

2006-11-06 Thread Orin
Hey Adam, Just to let you know, I've played your mud before and reciently stopped, but it wasn't because of accessibility, it just wasn't my taste. i do love sci-fi, but I mean, I'd just love it if there were a space system, maybe ownable planets; and things. But in terms of accessibility,

Re: [Audyssey] Fwd: Trade Wars Tournament Newsletter!

2006-11-16 Thread Orin
Ugg, how wil we know if this'll be accessible or even playable? It would be great if it was, though. I guess, we could, perhaps, get involved with it's development? Hm... At 11:59 PM 11/15/2006, you wrote: Hi all. this just from the guys that do tradewars. note! this newsletter is writen in

[Audyssey] popomundo: help needed

2006-11-30 Thread Orin
Hey guys; I've registered on Popomundo about 6 or so weeks ago; can't remember wen I checked the entered popomundo thing. But there's one problem. The band that I'm in ran by Robert Kilner, is inactive. Robert is inactive, that is, who's my friend but he's not interested in playing or

[Audyssey] Star Conquest is back!

2006-12-28 Thread Orin
Hello former and remaining SquidSoft fans, Well, it's back with new features and things... even a new name, but I can't spell it. Basicly, it uses the same style of space combat you'd expect from SC. I also think there's gonna be new income methods as well, so rock on with that. And yeah,

[Audyssey] Judgement day gameplay podcast

2006-12-28 Thread Orin
Hey all, I've just uploaded a JD gameplay to my podcast. To get it, go to: The one about JD you should see is the first one. Damned if I didn't beet the satalight. enjoy. ___ Gamers mailing list .. Gamers

[Audyssey] test

2007-02-04 Thread Orin
Hi all, I'm just testing to see if this actually sends--I haven't been getting messages from myself lately, and I remember Rawl saying something about having HTML or something like that. So thanks, if this does go through. ___ Gamers mailing

Re: [Audyssey] alter eon

2007-02-05 Thread Orin
Zachary Kline wrote: Hiya, These are entirely subjective judgements, I'm afraid. I'm not saying I disagree with them, just that their might be some who do. Have fun, Zack. - Original Message - From: Niall [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Gamers Discussion list Sent:

Re: [Audyssey] alter eon

2007-02-05 Thread Orin
Liam Erven wrote: before anyone asks. - Original Message - From: djc [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 10:15 AM Subject: Re: [Audyssey] alter eon If your not playing Mirani your missing out on a fantastic game.

Re: [Audyssey] alter eon

2007-02-05 Thread Orin
command. Good luck! Niall - Original Message - From: Orin [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Gamers Discussion list Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 3:29 PM Subject: Re: [Audyssey] alter eon Zachary Kline wrote: Hiya, These are entirely subjective judgements

Re: [Audyssey] alter eon

2007-02-05 Thread Orin
Josh wrote: is this anything like world of warcraft? Josh - Original Message - From: Lisa Leonardi [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Gamers Discussion list Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 6:15 PM Subject: Re: [Audyssey] alter eon Hmm, you should try some of the

Re: [Audyssey] medievia

2007-02-05 Thread Orin
Josh wrote: Hi, Ok how do you play? Do you have to be able to see to play this game or not? Josh email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] AOL: kutztownstudent msn: [EMAIL PROTECTED] skype: jkenn337 ___ Gamers mailing list .. To

[Audyssey] medievia was:Re: alter eon

2007-02-05 Thread Orin
Josh wrote: what's medievia? Josh ___ Gamers mailing list .. To unsubscribe send E-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] You can visit to make any subscription changes via the

Re: [Audyssey] medievia and muds

2007-02-05 Thread Orin
Yes, you do have to play online. monkey Term is a good free mud client found at under the mudding section. ___ Gamers mailing list .. To unsubscribe send E-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] You can visit

Re: [Audyssey] muds

2007-02-05 Thread Orin
Josh wrote: Hi, Is gMud still useful or is it outdated now? This medievia game got me interested. Josh email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] AOL: kutztownstudent msn: [EMAIL PROTECTED] skype: jkenn337 ___ Gamers mailing list ..

Re: [Audyssey] muds

2007-02-05 Thread Orin
Josh wrote: Are there jaws scripts or window-eyes sets for Monkey term? Josh ___ Gamers mailing list .. To unsubscribe send E-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] You can visit

[Audyssey] OT: sorry

2007-02-06 Thread Orin
Hi all, Sorry for my emails yesterday. I believe I know what the problem is now. Thunderbird puts me at the bottom of the previous email, and I didn't know this, so I guess each time I reply I have to go back to the top. ___ Gamers mailing list ..

[Audyssey] Kingdom of loathing - redoing quests

2007-02-19 Thread Orin
Hi all, Well, I recreated myself an account on KOL today, and well, I already mest up in the Toot orial, if that's bad enough. Basically I don't know I was zoning out when he said trade a twig when I thought it was trade any item and bring it back. Don't know just didn't hear the twig part.

Re: [Audyssey] no way at all?

2007-03-05 Thread Orin
Search for Sapi5 repair on google, and a file from GWMicro will come up. Download it. It fixt mine, so it should fix yours as well. ___ Gamers mailing list .. To unsubscribe send E-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] You can visit

[Audyssey] Little Savages

2007-03-05 Thread Orin
Hi all, Yesterday, I found a pretty cool simple, but fun, browser game. It's called Little savages. In my oppinion, it's the sims with a twist. You get to own your own clan with these things and can have miners and stuff. I can't write too in-depth about this, so visit

Re: [Audyssey] Little Savages

2007-03-06 Thread Orin
Man, if you want a challenging plot, play Icesus mud--lots of quests there are really challenging if you know where to find them. I'm personally not a quester myself. What I'd like to have, is a combat system that doesn't have descriptions like: you scratch it for 1 damage! I mean, I'd like if

Re: [Audyssey] New Moon

2007-03-09 Thread Orin
Honestly, I'm glad GW2 doesn't have RP. I wish there were muds that focused on something like a modern day setting of role-play, or even sci-fi yes, Meareomi, but I don't know I'm really starting to get board of medieval now. ___ Gamers mailing list

Re: [Audyssey] run quick combat?

2007-03-11 Thread Orin
What's Run quick combat? ___ Gamers mailing list .. To unsubscribe send E-mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] You can visit to make any subscription changes via the web.

Re: [Audyssey] the word happen in accessible gaming

2007-03-22 Thread Orin
Well, that's the same with regular gaming as well. For example: you're in battlefield II, you don't know what to do. So you just walk around, throwing grenades everyware, until a squad of plane bombers drops balms from a carrier plane/unit, and you're like Wo! Didn't see that! I think my head

Re: [Audyssey] where does sarah come from? RE: hp question

2007-03-22 Thread Orin
Um, no. I don't know if Sarah (the actor), could cast spells like stupefy. If she could, she'd probably be stunning real people by now, and we'd be living in an HP universe. That'd be really funny to live in... ___ Gamers mailing list ..

Re: [Audyssey] more rock band 2. crush crush crush this time.

2010-03-29 Thread Orin
Practice. And lots of it. Might wanna start on bass first to get the hang of speed and such. An easy guitar one off the top of my head, if you have the original Rock Band, is Blitzgrieg Bop by the Remones. Fast strumming, but I was able to figure out the cords within about a minute, and most

Re: [Audyssey] A new file

2010-04-01 Thread Orin
Uh, april Fools? On Apr 1, 2010, at 5:53 AM, Oriol Gómez wrote: Hi, where is the file? I have tried visiting all the links on your site, but it's neither in the SAPI or self voicing games page. thx, should be fun to try out... On 4/1/10, Dallas O'Brien wrote:

Re: [Audyssey] Second life

2010-04-04 Thread Orin
I don't think it'll ever be possible for us to Truely play in SL. We can join, login, walk around and chat, but that's pretty much it; we can't do the extreme range of activities sighted people have. On Apr 4, 2010, at 7:42 PM, Lindsay Cowell wrote: Is it possible for us to play second life

Re: [Audyssey] Online games

2010-04-05 Thread Orin
THere's lots of them. Unfortunately. They aren't accessible. Flash and all that. On Apr 5, 2010, at 7:26 PM, Lindsay Cowell wrote: I will be able to use a computer with system access to go today . Any ideas for online fast paced games I can try, with lots of action. Lindsay Cowell

[Audyssey] Entombed Music

2010-05-01 Thread Orin
Hi all, Don't know if people have done this, but say I found some cool background and battle music for the game and want to replace them. I guess I'd have to convert the files in question to WMA? Thanks. --- Gamers mailing list __ If you want to leave the list, send

Re: [Audyssey] Zmud and cmud accessibility with jfw 11?

2010-05-02 Thread Orin
Yeah, if anyone can get an accessible client for these, i'm all for playing them, as they're better than even the Ironrealms games. On May 2, 2010, at 3:43 PM, anouk wrote: These are muds that you pay for each month, hey all have a 30 day free trial though. You need to use special client

Re: [Audyssey] mud talk google group

2010-05-03 Thread Orin
Hmm. okay, so now we have two mud groups. Mine and hers. Guess I'll subscribe to this one as well as the service I have mine on, while it was awesome, closed to new registrations I think. But mine still exists on it. On May 3, 2010, at 2:09 PM, Katie Madison wrote: Hey all! Do you like

Re: [Audyssey] Zmud and cmud accessibility with jfw 11?

2010-05-04 Thread Orin
Well, Motas Operandi is also one of the least active games as well. On May 4, 2010, at 3:01 AM, anouk wrote: Hello, I was once subscribed to modus operandi and told them about the accessibility issues I had. I never got a reply. Greetings, Anouk, On May 3, 2010, at 5:13 AM, dark wrote:

[Audyssey] Majesty: Heroes of Ardania

2010-05-04 Thread Orin
Hey all, Just wondering if anyone's played this before? Kinda reminds me of KoL, but it's cool because you can hire followers, go on multi-part quests that involve clues as well as battling, etc. THough I don't know what you can do after you've done all the quests currently in the game.

Re: [Audyssey] Types of RPG Games

2010-05-05 Thread Orin
I'd pay for a text based game. THey're fun if they have detailed descriptions, and if fighting, detailed fight descriptions. On May 5, 2010, at 12:58 AM, Thomas Ward wrote: Hello gamers, As many of you might remember several months ago I began designing a gamebook style roll playing game

[Audyssey] To dark

2010-05-05 Thread Orin
Hey dark, Since you and your brother play Final Fantasy 13, I was wondering what chapter you were on? I wonder if your brother has Beaton it already? THing is, being totally blind, I got to chapter 6; that's where I am now, and the enemies are starting to get quite hard. No, I haven't yet

Re: [Audyssey] To dark

2010-05-06 Thread Orin
- From: [] On Behalf Of Orin Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 9:15 PM To: Gamers Discussion list Subject: [Audyssey] To dark Hey dark, Since you and your brother play Final Fantasy 13, I was wondering what chapter you were on? I

Re: [Audyssey] Games for iPhone?

2010-05-08 Thread Orin
Hi, Papa Sangre will be coming out in about a month apparently. On May 6, 2010, at 2:51 PM, Richard Emling wrote: Hello List. Is there another game around like Soul Trapper on the iPhone? I just finished this nice stuff of interactive audio play and now i am

Re: [Audyssey] a drastic change is needed for audio games.

2010-05-28 Thread Orin
Totally agreed. On May 27, 2010, at 9:19 PM, Ryan Conroy wrote: I couldn't agree more! -- Original Message -- From: clement chou To: Gamers Discussion list Subject: Re: [Audyssey] a drastic change is needed for audio games.

Re: [Audyssey] a drastic change is needed for audio games.

2010-05-28 Thread Orin
Uh. Dude, I doubt every one here is spending their money on iPhones, me included. Lol. On May 27, 2010, at 9:47 PM, Yohandy wrote: ok guys, I'm willing to hear your suggestions then. what do we do? just keep things the way they are and never have any advancement where audio games are

Re: [Audyssey] a drastic change is needed for audio games.

2010-05-28 Thread Orin
Indeed, Entombed probably is the best game we have now in terms of playability. I'll say what we don't have though is a game with a complex interactive story. I think 3D Velocity is going to be the hardest game coming out this year, if it even comes out this summer or early fall, it is, in my

[Audyssey] Baff's Guide: Is it ever updated?

2010-06-03 Thread Orin
Hey guys, For those of you who check on Baff's Guide, does it ever update anymore with new reviews, ratings etc? I don't think the ratings have been changing. If it'll never be updated again, is there a good site where I can go to get IF reviews, ratings etc? Also, does anyone know between

[Audyssey] MK trailer and news

2010-06-10 Thread Orin
Hey all, Anyone hear this brand new trailer and news of the next MK, MK9, released in March 2011? It's gonna be sweet, Tag Team Mode FTW... --- Gamers mailing list __ If you want to leave the list, send E-mail to You can make changes or

Re: [Audyssey] MK trailer and news

2010-06-10 Thread Orin
THere's another one, this time with gameplay. On Jun 9, 2010, at 8:53 PM, clement chou wrote: That so-called trailer is apparently something to sell WB with... unless there's another one up. - Original Message - From: Orin To: brandonsl

Re: [Audyssey] MK trailer and news

2010-06-10 Thread Orin
Of clement chou Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2010 7:54 PM To: Gamers Discussion list Subject: Re: [Audyssey] MK trailer and news That so-called trailor is apparently something to sell WB with... unless there's another one up. - Original Message - From: Orin

Re: [Audyssey] MK trailer and news

2010-06-10 Thread Orin
It's on youtube somewhere, yeah. Not sure where though, the only reason I know is because TRMK imbedded it from there. On Jun 9, 2010, at 10:34 PM, clement chou wrote: That site isn't working for me... is there one on youtube by any chance? - Original Message - From: Orin orin8

Re: [Audyssey] MK trailer and news

2010-06-10 Thread Orin
Message - From: Orin To: Gamers Discussion list Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2010 5:23 PM Subject: Re: [Audyssey] MK trailer and news Co-Op arcade and apparently a deepest story not scene in any other fighting game. They're probably saying

Re: [Audyssey] Rock Band 3 will teach gamers how to play real instruments.

2010-06-21 Thread Orin
Most definitely getting this game, probably with Keyboard, and if my brother sees it and buys a Six-String Guitar, I won't be complaining. I know I have little to no experience with GUitar and it'll probably be hard as heck for blind players to actually learn the instrument through RB, I'd

Re: [Audyssey] Rock Band 3 will teach gamers how to play real instruments.

2010-06-21 Thread Orin
Oh yeah, and about the release date, they say it's coming out in October. Not sure if an official date was set, however. On Jun 21, 2010, at 11:59 AM, Yohandy wrote: The game will be released this holiday season for ps3, xbox 360 and Wii with a keyboard peripheral, as well as symbol

Re: [Audyssey] Soccer/football simulation.

2010-06-22 Thread Orin is probably the best one. On Jun 21, 2010, at 6:00 PM, Christopher Bartlett wrote: I seem to remember the existence of an internet-based simulation for managing soccer/football teams in a virtual league, but I can't remember where it was. If anyone plays in one of these that

Re: [Audyssey] Hattrick, any helper applications accessible that we can use?

2010-06-23 Thread Orin
Hmm. Haven't tried much, I know there was a web based one a while back. Not sure if there's any accessible stand-alone ones though or if there's any web based ones anymore. On Jun 23, 2010, at 12:41 PM, Christopher Bartlett wrote: Are any of the manager helper applications under the chpp

[Audyssey] Anyone play dark Legacy?

2010-06-30 Thread Orin
Hey all, I haven't been there in a while, but I have reason to go back again. Lots of new stuff, lots of it. Achievements, extremely awesome pet system that isn't just your basic pets, they're intelligent. Also quests that are more than Kill this and get quest points. Can't forget

Re: [Audyssey] Fw: evo 2010 next week!

2010-06-30 Thread Orin
That's awesome, problem is do we know where it'll be streamed at so I can immediately listen in when it starts? On Jun 29, 2010, at 1:06 AM, clement chou wrote: Figured some people on here woud be interested. When I heard there was going to be commentary, I was hoked immediately. -

Re: [Audyssey] Anyone play dark Legacy?

2010-06-30 Thread Orin
It's sweet now as I said. A friend of mine on Twitter said that the pBase wasn't nice in 2003. Hopefully she came on and checked it out. Idol XP is a sweet bonus, too. Orin Twitter: Skype: orin1112 My attempt at a novel:

[Audyssey] Original LOGD?

2010-07-23 Thread Orin
Hey all, Was just wondering if anyone remembers the LOGD game that was apparently do detailed in features it has an intro page with a list of features to get people into it? Was thinking about it and wasn't sure what it was. THanks. Orin Twitter:

[Audyssey] CE Mining Drones

2009-11-27 Thread Orin
Hi all, Even though I've just joined a guild and stuff. I'm wondering what level I have to be to get the cheapest mining drone available? I actually forgot how to mine since it's a while I haven't been playing. Just finished the training missions yesterday. And I got a mission that required

Re: [Audyssey] Major entombed news!

2009-11-27 Thread Orin
Muds aren't similar to Entombed at all, Ian. Muds aren't random. On Nov 27, 2009, at 10:36 AM, ian mcnamara wrote: got the immpretion that this game was a free game. although i do like it their are other games simolar to intomed such as muds that are free to play --- Gamers mailing list

Re: [Audyssey] Major entombed news!

2009-11-28 Thread Orin
True. On Nov 28, 2009, at 2:25 AM, william lomas wrote: they are still multiplayer and have more to do than just walk round a maize killing monsters On 28 Nov 2009, at 04:35, Orin wrote: Muds aren't similar to Entombed at all, Ian. Muds aren't random. On Nov 27, 2009, at 10:36 AM

[Audyssey] Question on Passengers

2009-11-28 Thread Orin
Hey guys, I just bought me a basic passenger cabin. I picked three passengers up, and I'm not sure what system some of these planets are in. Dragham? And others. Also, what's the desired destination and the system destination? Desired destination seems like where'd they would wanna go, but

[Audyssey] Question on Extractors

2009-11-28 Thread Orin
Hi all, Well, I'm looking into buying a personal extractor. I currently have one mining drone which really doesn't do me any good at all as I want to complete these missions as quick as possible, but I'm wondering. Is there an extractor that can survey Ore? If so, I'll save enough to buy a few

Re: [Audyssey] Question on Passengers

2009-11-28 Thread Orin Need I say more? On Nov 28, 2009, at 5:09 PM, ian mcnamara wrote: what game is this and where do i go to play it. --- Gamers mailing list __ If you want to leave the list, send E-mail to You can make changes

[Audyssey] San Gollen in CE?

2009-12-01 Thread Orin
Hi all, Here's another problem I have. Someone sent me goods that I need, and it told me what planet they were on, but not the system. Not sure what system San Golen is on? Figured CEDB would have it or whatever that fansite is called so I wouldn't have to ask, but I did. Just wondering as

Re: [Audyssey] OT pro tools

2009-12-26 Thread Orin
No, but the upcoming version I believe will be accessible on both Mac and Windows. On Dec 26, 2009, at 1:12 AM, Nick Helms wrote: Hi all, Just wondering if anyone on the list has used pro tools, and if so, do you find it usable with a screenreader? Reguards, and happy holidays! Nick ---

Re: [Audyssey] OT pro tools

2009-12-26 Thread Orin
26, 2009, at 11:15 AM, Nick Helms wrote: thanks guys, at least I can exchange it, as I got it as a christmas gift. On 12/26/09, Scott Chesworth wrote: Hey Orin, Accessible on Windows is news to me man. I'm not saying you're wrong, just very curious to know more

Re: [Audyssey] The future of Blastbay Studios

2009-12-26 Thread Orin
I think the easiest thing for me when it comes to these music games is the vocals. If companies like Harminix could add talking menus to the game, especially for the career mode, that'd be helpful. At least we'd have a chance of getting through the career mode. Right now I'm stuck somewhere in

Re: [Audyssey] Rhythm Game Accessibility

2010-01-06 Thread Orin
You also have to remember that the right hand is used for playing solos with the solo buttons as well. On Jan 6, 2010, at 4:18 PM, Scott Chesworth wrote: I think the idea here is to get across the most amount of info with the least amount of noise over the top of a good song, right? So,

Re: [Audyssey] X-Sight Interactive News

2010-01-08 Thread Orin
I agree here. Use what works for you. On Jan 8, 2010, at 11:22 AM, Yohandy wrote: I really hate the get a mac comments. seriously growing sick of them. not everyone want a mac. deal with it people. if we wanted one we would get one. doubt I'm the only one who feels this way.

Re: [Audyssey] X-Sight Interactive News

2010-01-08 Thread Orin
It has nothing to do with a backup of a Hard Drive. I guess what he's saying is get a Mac for Time Machine. While that's good backup built into the Mac, windows has alternatives for backing up, and the average price for a Mac I wouldn't pay just to get good backup software like Superduper or

[Audyssey] Heroes of Kung Fu

2010-01-16 Thread Orin
Hi all. Just wondering if anyone's tried this game? It's quite interesting, given that there's quests, but I'm not sure how detailed they are because I can't complete the second newbie one, because I'm having trouble equipping a weapon. I did get to see combat, however, because someone

Re: [Audyssey] Heroes of Kung Fu

2010-01-16 Thread Orin
Oh. It'd be and register for a webMMO account. Once you do that, you should login to the game from the site as the has a captcha. On Jan 16, 2010, at 4:04 PM, James Howard wrote: what's the info for it, I'll try it out. On 1/16/10, Orin orin8

Re: [Audyssey] Accessible PS3 Games

2010-01-20 Thread Orin
MK VS DC is very much an MK game. The sounds are better than most MK games, and you gotta love the story. On Jan 20, 2010, at 1:13 AM, Brice Mellen wrote: Yeah, I won't buy mk vs dc, I refuse, cause it's not a mk game I don't care how fun it is. That's just my opinion though, another game ya

[Audyssey] Fighting Games (Number Notation?)

2010-01-22 Thread Orin
Hey all, I was looking at a move list, and as well as standard notation, it had number notation as well like with the buttons being represented as 1-9. I guess this is for the people who have the fighting joysticks? Was trying to understand it and well I knew that forward is 6, 2 is down, but

Re: [Audyssey] final countdown solo on expert guitarnowonsendspace. rock band 2

2010-02-03 Thread Orin
Yeah; I wanna get into drums too. I've been playing with GUitar and Bass mostly and sometimes vocals. On Feb 3, 2010, at 9:33 AM, Yohandy wrote: Thanks! Clement, you're a drummer correct? If so we should definitely get a different perspective on this. I haven't tried drums much, and I'd

[Audyssey] VB Help Needed

2010-02-04 Thread Orin
Hi all, I know this isn't a list to discuss development on, but I'm taking an online class in VB and was wondering if anyone can help me. I really don't understand the lesson's instructions because the teacher is being visual and wants me to arrange and move windows to certain places and gives

Re: [Audyssey] programming language (powerbasic classic for $49)

2010-02-09 Thread Orin
I really wish they had a language like Basic that I can make games that could be cross platform so I could make them for both Windows and Mac. Now that'd rule. On Feb 9, 2010, at 10:58 AM, Travis Siegel wrote: Since powerbasic has a new version, (9.0) , the old version 8.0 is on sale now.

Re: [Audyssey] Adult games

2010-02-26 Thread Orin
I think that also Japanese people are brought up differently as well; I believe they have better morals than we do here. Sometimes you get relationships here that last a max of six months, if not one, and I'm pretty sure that due to the way Japanese people are brought up they're probably better

Re: [Audyssey] Help with some ignorant ppl

2010-03-07 Thread Orin
Not to mention people with other problems. One time I watched a show of 60 minutes where this blind kid could play the piano perfectly, or so the sighted believe, yet can't go to the bathroom independently and needs help. On Mar 7, 2010, at 2:39 PM, Darren Harris wrote: Yup thomas I totally

Re: [Audyssey] help with some sited people.

2010-03-16 Thread Orin
Um, don't hit the space bar as hard? On Mar 16, 2010, at 4:59 PM, Muhammed Deniz wrote: Hi all, I'm not sure if this is off topic, but I would like to discuss it here. It was free time at school probably 2 or 3 minute's I can't remember, but I was playing a bit of Tarzan Junior. Nothing

Re: [Audyssey] deal or no deal

2010-03-20 Thread Orin
Dude. Seriously. Do you keep forgetting how many times you asked this, each time saying no? Program one yourself if you want it desperately. On Mar 20, 2010, at 2:12 AM, Dennis wrote: is there an accessable deal or no deal? --- Gamers mailing list __ If you want to

Re: [Audyssey] grue music

2010-03-22 Thread Orin
It's MC Frontalot, a Nerdcore rapper. On Mar 22, 2010, at 5:50 AM, shaun everiss wrote: Hi. just listened to that music. wouldn't want to listen to this whilst playing my if games. For one thing I couldn't hear the speakers and my synth at the same time. Probably some orchestral soundtrack

Re: [Audyssey] games created with b.g.t.

2010-03-27 Thread Orin
We could use the ideas of these games, just not the names. We have to add different concepts. On Mar 27, 2010, at 11:15 AM, william lomas wrote: hi all, how can we seriously make our own games with b.g.t. half the ideas ahve probably already been used and copyrighted so aren't we

Re: [Audyssey] We Can Play

2008-01-23 Thread Orin
I Liam, I personally recomend Jiglu. It's a free list provider which also has a dynamic website when you create your list. Find it at: On Jan 23, 2008, at 1:20 PM, Liam Erven wrote: Hi. I posted earlier this week about the we can play site at .

Re: [Audyssey] weird psp blind product!

2008-01-26 Thread Orin
Yeah, I saw that, but it's totally not game related. On Jan 26, 2008, at 7:24 PM, ari wrote: Hi all! Look at this absolutely weird link, it's written very badly, but as far as I can make out, it seems like someone's developing a program to work with the psp which eventually plans to

Re: [Audyssey] muds for beginners?

2008-01-26 Thread Orin
From what I remember, this mud does not exist. Yes, I would like a realistic mud as well. Sadly, thoDugh, 80 percent or more muds are fantasy these days unfortunately. On Jan 26, 2008, at 4:29 PM, ari wrote: Hi all, The library for the blind here in SA got hold of a braille book from

Re: [Audyssey] Mac Mud clients

2008-01-26 Thread Orin
Well, Nuntus is quite accessible, but it's got some flaws. One really bad one is that it uses Apple Sapi or whatever Apple calls that, and just like windows, it puts everything in a buffer, and also just like windows, it doesn't have a key to shut up the current buffer (I.E. The control

Re: [Audyssey] A question about

2008-01-26 Thread Orin
Hi Greg, I'll look into this. You should've asked on list, since this is off topic for this one. On Jan 26, 2008, at 9:10 AM, Greg wrote: Hello all, After I click on a mud to view it from internet explorer tells me it can not open the page. It does this everytime.

Re: [Audyssey] muds for beginners?

2008-01-27 Thread Orin
It's kind of hard to choose. Instead of me attempting to pick one out for you, go to and look through it's database. On Jan 27, 2008, at 12:12 PM, Michael Maslo wrote: Hi all: Speaking of mud's does anyone have any ideas for a good mud for a beginner? I have

Re: [Audyssey] muds for beginners?

2008-01-27 Thread Orin
As I said before, almost every mud is fantasy, but if you don't want a fantasy mud, try out miriani, at; however I wouldn't play this mud if I were you with getting started, many of the players aren't helpful twards newbies that I've seen. You'd be best to start

[Audyssey] Mud Clients was Re: Mac Mud clients

2008-01-27 Thread Orin
I changed the subject line to reflect the posts, because everyone started discussing windows based clients again. Sadly I think I'm the only one who likes mudding and has an interest but also has a Mac as well. Somehow, we must make muds accessible for us VoiceOver users, because I'm

Re: [Audyssey] disc world muds

2008-01-27 Thread Orin
Hi, Go to: Also, a tip: all muds are accessible mostly. On Jan 27, 2008, at 8:24 PM, john snowling wrote: Hi all. Does anyone know of any disc world mud that is accessible to visually impaired people also any hary potter one's. I've started reading the disc

Re: [Audyssey] joining the Interactive Fiction Group

2008-01-31 Thread Orin
What I did notice about this group is that they give you a lot of news on new games. is pretty interesting. I'll have to check that mag out. On Jan 31, 2008, at 8:32 AM, Dark wrote: well, sinse you can just read the groups page like a web forum rather than

[Audyssey] cthulhu nation

2008-01-31 Thread Orin
Hi all, Has anyone played this game and had any luck with the map? I find it a bit confusing, and was just wondering if anyone had tried it out. The game is set in the 1920's, and this orginazation known as The Group wants you to go out and kill all types of creatures, I don't know how the

[Audyssey] Azoundria

2008-02-01 Thread Orin
Hi all, Well, it seems I've found that game that Dark calls An RPG. This game has a storyline so complex that, after I finish the tutorial, I don't know where to sart. It operates like a gamebook. I haven't gotten into the story elements of the game questing etc, but it sure does look like

Re: [Audyssey] Azoundria

2008-02-01 Thread Orin
There is a link that says register. Hmmm. On Feb 1, 2008, at 6:44 PM, Liam Erven wrote: I haven't seen a link to register or anything. - Original Message - From: Orin [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Gamers Discussion list Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008 4:44 PM Subject

Re: [Audyssey] Audio Quake - - JQ 4.2

2008-02-08 Thread Orin
Is AQ for the Mac yet? On Feb 8, 2008, at 9:42 PM, Cara Quinn wrote: Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that is currently up and running, and I can log in and play the game. So whether or not you have the latest JQ, I'd encourage peeps to give this a try. If you have no luck,

Re: [Audyssey] live gaming now

2008-02-09 Thread Orin
Hi Liam, What's your MSN so I could add it to request stuff and whatnot? Thanks. On Feb 9, 2008, at 11:06 PM, Liam Erven wrote: it's kind of random, and I don't want to send it to the list everytime as that's kind of spammy and ridiculous. It's something I do randomly. I randomly get

Re: [Audyssey] face book with speech

2008-02-10 Thread Orin
You need to get sighted assistance for that. On Feb 10, 2008, at 11:16 AM, mark bishop wrote: I apologise if this is off topic but several people on these lists mention face book. How are you registering? As far as I am aware it requires copying a string of characters that do not speak.

Re: [Audyssey] Harry Potter Online Game

2008-02-12 Thread Orin
Sorry to tell you, but there is nothing better than Hogwarts live. I found one a few weeks ago, but all it is is PHPBB with interactive HP features. Boring. Noone has made anything origional yet because half of these people who make them are either kids, who don't know how to program and

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