[gay_bombay] Re: tres botas 'last' nite

2004-07-07 Thread Vikram
. The whole suburban-downtown thing is much more of an issue in Bombay unlike Delhi where guys seem more willing to travel. Anyway, that's just off the top of my head. Hopefully the owners might consider having more occasional events at Tres, Vikram Yahoo! Groups

[gay_bombay] GB Meeting on Friendship on 1st August

2004-07-31 Thread Vikram
long known. So lets discuss all these aspects of friendship in the gay community at the GB meeting tomorrow. Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- Yahoo! Domains - Claim yours for only $14.70 http://us.click.yahoo.com/Z1wmxD/DREIAA/yQLSAA/WfTolB/TM

[gay_bombay] Wislawa on friendship

2004-07-31 Thread Vikram
between us. I owe my friends for the love we don't have, the lightness of connection, the ease of support that only real friendship brings. Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- Yahoo! Domains - Claim yours for only $14.70 http://us.click.yahoo.com

[gay_bombay] GB Meet: what does independence mean to you?

2004-08-12 Thread Vikram
are particularly urged to come. The Gaybombay meetings are designed to be a safe and comfortable space in which to make your first contact with the community. If you have any specific questions on this, mail me at the addresses above, Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor

[gay_bombay] from Outsports.com: The Rise and Fall of Gender Testing

2004-08-20 Thread Vikram
I thought the only queer angle to the Olympics was the presence - or more accurately, non-presence - of out queer athletes, but I hadn't realised there was another, more serious side to it. The long history of gender testing at the Olympics is a rather tragic aspect of how queer issues have

[gay_bombay] Re: If Pushkin was murdered for black mailing people ........

2004-08-20 Thread Vikram
it, that is. Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- $9.95 domain names from Yahoo!. Register anything. http://us.click.yahoo.com/J8kdrA/y20IAA/yQLSAA/WfTolB/TM ~- Group Site: http

[gay_bombay] Re: NDTV 24x7 The Big Fight August 21, 2004

2004-08-21 Thread Vikram
of this tragedy. Vikram --- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], Nitin [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: NDTV 24x7 The Big Fight August 21, 2004 FYI Saturday's edition of The Big Fight is supposed to be a debate on `homosexuality: how open is it and how acceptable?' or something on those lines. Panelists include Anjali

[gay_bombay] from Pushkin's father

2004-08-23 Thread Vikram
The Pioneer in Delhi has had some of the worst coverage of Pushkin's death - one piece on Wednesday was so luridly written it was almost funny - but I think they have redeemed themselves in a very small way by carrying this very dignified and moving speech by Pushkin's father at the memorial

[gay_bombay] The GB Siblings meet on Raksha Bandhan

2004-08-25 Thread Vikram
and particularly if you want to bring your brother or sister, get in touch with me directly at [EMAIL PROTECTED] Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- $9.95 domain names from Yahoo!. Register anything. http://us.click.yahoo.com/J8kdrA/y20IAA/yQLSAA/WfTolB/TM

[gay_bombay] Sancharam: The Journey

2004-08-29 Thread Vikram
distribution, but one way or the other, most people should be able to see it soon. Don't miss seeing it if you get a chance! Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- $9.95 domain names from Yahoo!. Register anything. http://us.click.yahoo.com/J8kdrA/y20IAA

[gay_bombay] Shaleen's leader in TOI

2004-08-31 Thread Vikram
More positive media coverage resulting from the Pushkin affair - or more correctly, the initial coverage of it. The first is Shaleen's excellent leader in today's TOI, the second a long and well written account from the Hindustan Times of a gay man's coming out to himself and his experiences

[gay_bombay] from: Salon.com Dan Savage on James McGreevey

2004-09-01 Thread Vikram
apart from what happens with most married gay men in India. Vikram When gay Americans marry What the partnership of Gov. and Mrs. McGreevey says about the absurdity of banning gay marriage. - - - - - - - - - - - - By Dan Savage Aug. 17, 2004 | New Jersey Gov. James I'm a Gay American

[gay_bombay] things aren't what they seem sometimes...

2004-09-07 Thread Vikram
Here are three postings from the Outsports.com website that, I thinkm tell an interesting story, apart from being quite cool to read in themselves (the last one that is, with the actual interview with the gymnasts). I think people from the community are often too quick to imagine homophobia,

[gay_bombay] action on Dr.Girish Sanghvi

2004-09-25 Thread Vikram
, something we often tend to overlook or just conclude is likely to be negative. I think the problem is that most of the time we just don't communicate with the Indian language press, so this is a chance to try. You've got this long Ganpathi weekend ahead of you so get writing! Vikram Shailen's

[gay_bombay] Re: A different note on gay gods

2004-09-28 Thread Vikram
lead to guilt. The chances of you having a balanced life, with hating yourself for the way you are, see rather low. Its sad. Vikram --- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], john ferns [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi there! I have been reading the letters posted on Gods and Gays!! This entire issue of trying

[gay_bombay] more on the Gaybombay Financial Planning Meet - Sunday 3rd October

2004-09-30 Thread Vikram
for a meet for the first time, mail me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- Make a clean sweep of pop-up ads. Yahoo! Companion Toolbar. Now with Pop-Up Blocker. Get it for free! http://us.click.yahoo.com/L5YrjA/eSIIAA/yQLSAA/WfTolB/TM

g_b Johann Hari on Transsexual Rights

2004-10-08 Thread Vikram
Excellent article by Johann Hari on transsexuals and their often strained relations with the rest of the queer community: Transsexual Rights The story of a much-abused minority Johann Hari By the time you read this, Britain's biggest popularity contest – Channel 4's reality show Big

g_b from Page3 Tabloid - Feng Shui for Gays Lesbians!!!!

2004-10-21 Thread Vikram
to the dust bin... In the face of such wisdom, I am left speechless!!! Vikram === vikram just for info. mohan deep is scum-bag. one of the most vituperative, bad-mouthing person, whose only claim to fame long ago was slandering film-star rekha in some sort of unauthorized biography

Re: g_b Confused about sexuality.....Need Help!

2004-10-23 Thread Vikram
any difference between a bachelor and a married guy. The fact that a married guy has responsibilities to his wife, who may not be OK with him sleeping around (either with a man or a woman) is presumably just a minor detail to you? Vikram Yahoo! Groups

g_b The Anglican battle

2004-10-25 Thread Vikram
Here's the second battle, being fought in the Anglican church after the release of a report on the American Episcopal Church's ordination of an openly gay bishop. The immediate situation doesn't look good here for the gay Christian movement, since the African and other conservative churches

g_b from the Far Eastern Economic Review: Tolerance Pays. Special Report on Gay Asia

2004-10-26 Thread Vikram
also acknowledge the limitations. What's needed is debate and I hope there are at least a few who have managed to read to the end of this mail, and the FEER article that follows - and still have survived enough to mail their views! Vikram SPECIAL REPORT: GAY ASIA Gay Asia: Tolerance Pays

g_b Re: SOS -- Please Help -- SOS

2004-10-29 Thread Vikram
the problems seem. Stand firm against the pressure and consider some of the options suggested on this list. If you're interested in the Gaybombay parents meetings, mail me directly at [EMAIL PROTECTED], best Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor

g_b from Salon.com: Down low blues

2004-11-02 Thread Vikram
and others around. Its a depressing read, not least because of the many obvious parallels with much homosexual life in India, but all the more worth reading for that. Here's another good article on that subject from Salon.com Vikram Down low blues All I want is a boyfriend. But as a black gay

g_b Theo van Gogh (not directly queer related)

2004-11-05 Thread Vikram
Two pieces on the Theo van Gogh murder and while there is no direct queer link here, as there was with Pim Fortuyn's murder, the issue is an important one for anyone concerned with the problems of dealing with religious intolerance. Vikram Outside View: Challenging Islam is risky

g_b was it really gay marriages?

2004-11-10 Thread Vikram
is to capture the White House four years from now, they need to start asking hard questions about why they're not connecting with so many people who are actually probably quite ready to connect with them. Vikram http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/910079.cms from andrewsullivan.com

g_b from the Washington Post: Felicia's story

2004-11-16 Thread Vikram
back to their families - usually citing their inability to leave their children - and my lesbian friends are left wondering what hit them. So all you guys who moan about being shortchanged by married men, remember it happens to women too! Vikram Braving the Streets Her Way By Anne Hull

g_b Piku Bhalo Achay: a screening in Madras

2004-12-07 Thread Vikram
] It was a great feeling and I knew that Riyad would have been happy. His legacy of queer filmmaking in India is in good hands with people like Tirthankar. And the queer movement that he helped started is also doing just fine. Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor

g_b Leavitt, Mitchell Raj Rao on Gay Writing @ Crossword, Thursday Dec 23rd

2004-12-19 Thread Vikram
Short Stories. BE THERE! Vikram David Leavitt, Mark Mitchell and R.Raj Rao discuss Gay Writing at Crossword (below the flyover, Kemps Corner, Mumbai) on Thursday, December 23rd Bios: David Leavitt: David Leavitt is the author of the short story collections Family Dancing (finalist

g_b Leavitt, Mitchell Raj Rao @ Crossword @ 7.30 pm Thurs Dec 23rd

2004-12-20 Thread Vikram
PROTECTED] Please tell as many people as you can about it. This will be of more than just gay interest, anyone interested in the varieties of literature should find this event interesting. See you all there! Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor

g_b 'My Brother Nikhil' - coming in Feb

2004-12-29 Thread Vikram
! http://www.mybrothernikhil.com Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- Make a clean sweep of pop-up ads. Yahoo! Companion Toolbar. Now with Pop-Up Blocker. Get it for free! http://us.click.yahoo.com/L5YrjA/eSIIAA/yQLSAA/WfTolB/TM

g_b GB New Year's party contributions to tsunami relief funds

2004-12-30 Thread Vikram
in advance. Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- $4.98 domain names from Yahoo!. Register anything. http://us.click.yahoo.com/Q7_YsB/neXJAA/yQLSAA/WfTolB/TM ~- Group Site: http

g_b My Brother Nikhil: clarifications + compensation!

2004-12-31 Thread Vikram
produces, and it should keep your spirits (among other things) up in the year ahead. (Apologies to moderators if sending this link breaks any list restrictions, but it is New Year!) http://www.stade.fr/uploads_stade/html/dds2005/index.htm Happy New Year! Vikram

g_b Gore Vidal: Was Lincoln Bisexual?

2005-01-04 Thread Vikram
of Lincoln's time and even up to the mid-20th century when Sandburg was writing his (completely over the top) biography are also strikingly reminiscent of how at least parts of India still feels. Am posting both the link here and the full piece - it absolutely has to be read. Vikram http

g_b Susan Sontag and a Case of Curious Silence

2005-01-05 Thread Vikram
An interesting and rather depressing angle on the recent death of Susan Sontag: from andrewsullivan.com: THE INNING OF SONTAG: I have to say I'm amazed at the fact that almost all the obituaries for Susan Sontag omitted her primary, longtime relationship with Annie Leibovitz, the

g_b going commando... admit it, you always wanted to know.

2005-01-13 Thread Vikram
Do Commandos Go Commando? Soldiers and their skivvies. By Daniel Engber According to a recent report in Newsweek, the Pentagon may send special forces teams to the Middle East to train, advise, and support handpicked Iraqi soldiers in counterinsurgency techniques. If the United States

g_b spermicons

2005-01-13 Thread Vikram
Got this from my aunt. Forget Emoticons, here are Spermicons! Can anyone add to them? ~~~O (Basic Sperm) ~~~O (De Gaulle sperm) ^^O (coiled sperm) ~~~@ (sperm attack) ~~~%

g_b Re: An appeal-To the Moderator/Organizers of GB Events,

2005-01-17 Thread Vikram
Bacardi Breezers or the usual brand names. There has been a demand for more mocktails which we're trying to provide, but perhaps that didn't happen at Zouk. More detailed comments here might help, thanks Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor

g_b Jungle Mein Mangal - this Wednesday

2005-01-18 Thread Vikram
garden and this is a play that really benefits from being seen in the open air. Its part of the Kala Ghoda festival and its free. So if there's any chance you can make it, make sure you're there tomorrow. In case anyone wants to read it, I'm posting the review I did of the play, Vikram Jungle

g_b AP: Arts Fan Leaves Seattle a Conditional Gift

2005-01-20 Thread Vikram
Here's an art lover after my heart! Arts Fan Leaves Seattle a Conditional Gift Sun Jan 16, 6:41 PM ET Strange News - AP SEATTLE - An art lover left his hometown about $1 million to buy a new fountain. But not just any fountain. The late Stu Smailes made clear the work must include

g_b nieces or nephews?

2005-01-25 Thread Vikram
you about your being gay? Has there ever been any negative feeling? Or do they think its really cool and like you any better for it? Or are they, like most young people I guess, just so self absorbed they don't care either way? Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor

g_b Re: Gives New Meaning to 'Phone Sex'

2005-02-01 Thread Vikram
!. It was a HUGE hit at the lab! Vikram --- In gay_bombay@yahoogroups.com, gaybombay [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Forget vibrate - set your phone to moan Thu Jan 27,11:29 AM ET NEW YORK (Reuters) - This is one cellphone you might not want to set to High Vibrate. Porn star

g_b ex-UK minister comes out as HIV positive

2005-02-01 Thread Vikram
, who knows, perhaps the efforts of people like Mandela and Chris Smith might make it happen one day, Vikram I'm HIV positive says Chris Smith Martin Bright Sunday January 30, 2005 Observer Former Labour cabinet minister Chris Smith has been HIV positive for 17 years, but did not tell Tony

g_b for V-day: Love, Actually

2005-02-14 Thread Vikram
with Alexander's Boyfriend Test? Vikram Love, Actually A friend of mine thinks he's found a boyfriend. The guy seems right. The sex is right. The vibe between them is right. Both, in different ways, seem to be at the right time in their lives for a relationship. Still, it would probably take

g_b the bravest Valentine

2005-02-19 Thread Vikram
A dispatch from the culture war Gay Arkansans protest Gov. Mike Huckabee's hetero-only Celebration of Marriage. - - - - - - - - - - - - By Michelle Goldberg Feb. 15, 2005 | Holding on to her husband's arm, a middle-aged woman in a white wedding veil and sparkly makeup beamed as she walked

g_b from Dan Savage, a modest proposal

2005-02-23 Thread Vikram
will be facing. More and more gay guys are testing positive, but will continue to lead normal lives in the community. So what happens if they see that 'normality' as continuing to have unsafe sex? Vikram Dan Savage Q. One of my best friends was recently diagnosed with HIV. Since college, he's

g_b from the Denver Post: Marriage in a loving family

2005-02-25 Thread Vikram
From the Denver Post, via andrewsullivan.com, a moving article on a commitment ceremony that, as the old lady in the story says, is obviously as good as any marriage could be. And as Andrew notes: For the Pope, this act of faith and commitment is part of an ideology of evil. That is his

g_b Re: should one appreciate him for his honesty that he is upfront about his marital status

2005-02-26 Thread Vikram
--- Vikram [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On the whole I'd say appreciate that he's honest about being married so if there are any guys still willing to get involved with him then that's their decision. Of course, I've always felt an unmarried gay guy would have to be largely brain damaged

g_b male orgasms: a heterosexual perspective

2005-03-01 Thread Vikram
Here's a heterosexual perspective on the male orgasm - I'm sure we could add more from the homosexual perspective! And without even getting into anal sex. Anyone want to comment on the subject? Vikram from the Times: Is she having all the fun? Orgasms are just so unfair, says Jonathan

g_b GB Meeting this Sunday on gay travels and holidays

2005-03-02 Thread Vikram
abroad this year, make sure you don't miss this meet, Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- Take a look at donorschoose.org, an excellent charitable web site for anyone who cares about public education! http://us.click.yahoo.com/O.5XsA/8WnJAA

g_b on the 'super-HIV' virus strain, meth abuse and the Net

2005-03-04 Thread Vikram
and getting the views of more people. In your view, has the Net created or decreased the sense of community in India's gay scene? Vikram from andrewsullivan.com: EMAIL OF THE DAY I: I read your blog about the meth crisis among gay men. I am a psychiatrist in Atlanta and have a significant

Re: g_b Needs hrlp - Tehelka story on aversion therapy

2005-03-07 Thread Vikram
is to expose the practice where psychiatrists give electroshock treatment as part of 'aversion therapy' in an attempt to change the person's sexuality. He wants people who have been forced to undergo this to give him their stories so it could hopefully be put to an end, Vikram

g_b the new face (and more) of the global Indian!

2005-03-09 Thread Vikram
P.T.Usha, Narain Karthikeyan, Bobby Jindal, Kal Penn, Sania Mirza, Talvin Singh, Jhumpa Lahiri... and to this long list of desi path breakers, can we now add (drum roll) Vikram Sohan, the first desi gay porn film actor. The latest issue of Trikone has a story on him and what a cutie he

g_b from Slate: going where no man has gone before...

2005-03-10 Thread Vikram
OK, silly message header I know, but couldn't resist that cheesy school joke. Here's an interesting article proposing a novel form of civil disobedience. As the writer points out, quite correctly, we're OK with single sex toilets at home and also in quite a few space starved offices, so why

g_b more Dan Savage on people who knowingly spread AIDS

2005-03-11 Thread Vikram
to an interesting and important debate on responsibilities and acceptable behaviour in the context of HIV/AIDS, Vikram Q. What a mean response! I totally disagree that there is a direct parallel between mugging old ladies and having unsafe sex after an HIV diagnosis. The old ladies have no way to protect

g_b another gay moment for Karan Johar tonight!

2005-03-11 Thread Vikram
never happen and till then, these smiling non-denials are good enough to go with, Vikram Here's the extract: Karan: So this is your pick up line Abhishek? Abhishek: No, I don't know any pick up lines Karan. I have never managed to ask a lady out on a date. Preity: Achcha? What about you Karan

g_b motives for homophobia

2005-03-30 Thread Vikram
wonders of the motives behind the most homophobic people and this case will make one wonder even more, Vikram Boy Scouts Executive Surrenders in Fort Worth on a Child Pornography Charge By RALPH BLUMENTHAL HOUSTON, March 29 - The longtime program director of the Boy Scouts of America

g_b from Lawyer's Collective - S.377 petition update

2005-04-01 Thread Vikram
Dear friends, The S.377 SLP came up in the Supreme Court before a bench headed by Justice Sabharwal this morning. The bench appeared to view our case on the right to file a PIL/ standing positively and expressed that they saw reason to remand the case back to the Delhi High Court. So it

g_b coverage of 'My Brother Nikhil'

2005-04-01 Thread Vikram
think this could throw up some interesting angles on social views of homosexuality - or at least media bias in this matter, Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- Take a look at donorschoose.org, an excellent charitable web site for anyone who cares

g_b Zoom show on 16th April, 10 p.m.

2005-04-13 Thread Vikram
for a while, but some of the things he says startled even me for how brazen these guys are. Kudos to S. for speaking out, and don't miss seeing it, Vikram Goan designer Wendell Rodricks features in a special programme on ZooM TV to be aired this week. The shown named Just Pooja has model

g_b on the Zoom show and framing questions

2005-04-21 Thread Vikram
we really need to be proactive about. We have to pose this question in simple human terms that people can relate to. Should gay people be treated as criminals? That is the only question that people, and the courts, should be considering. Vikram Yahoo! Groups

g_b from Slate: You're supposed to marry the person you love, Mom

2005-04-23 Thread Vikram
You're supposed to marry the person you love, Mom My 7-year-old son's best friend is a lesbian and he says he wants to be gay. I hope he is. Editor's note: Ayelet Waldman's column appears every other Monday in Life. - - - - - - - - - - - - By Ayelet Waldman March 28, 2005 | My 7-year-old

g_b and for the Indian perspective: from New York magazine (long, but fun)

2005-04-23 Thread Vikram
of romantic adventurism that led me, shortly after college, to go on the first of these introductions, though I agreed to my parents' setup mainly with an eye toward turning it into a story for friends. At the time, I was working as a journalist in Singapore. Vikram, in entertainment, took me

g_b Hi

2005-04-24 Thread Vikram
Any one in Mumbai? I am visiting Mumbai, and would like to meet some intresting. Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- Give underprivileged students the materials they need to learn. Bring education to life by funding a specific classroom project.

g_b Hi

2005-05-08 Thread Vikram
Hi, Name is Vikram. I am 6 ft tall, fair fairly built man. , and travel all over. I am versatile am looking for a versatile man for some discreet fun. If intrested, do reply, Vik Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- Does he tell you he loves you when

g_b Re: Guys please it your life, take care of it--do not throw it away

2005-05-11 Thread Vikram
please watch out for that and attend, and the chances are that you won't ever have to go through the mental torture that Ganesh went through, Vikram --- In gay_bombay@yahoogroups.com, coffebeans2002 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: courtesy GB === From: Ganesh Bhat gayinbombay@ HI

g_b New Yorker article on rising rates of HIV among gay men in the US

2005-05-16 Thread Vikram
Here's an excellent article by Michael Specter in the New Yorker looking at the reasons for the rising rate of gay men in the US who are testing positive for HIV. Specter has been covering HIV for years - he did stories on its impact in Russia and India not long back - and he is balanced, calm

g_b 'Touch of Pink'

2005-05-18 Thread Vikram
is describing. Unless of course you see it with English subtitles on. Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- Has someone you know been affected by illness or disease? Network for Good is THE place to support health awareness efforts! http://us.click.yahoo.com

g_b GB Fundraising Party for Kolkata Pride at Velocity this Thursday

2005-05-24 Thread Vikram
GB is happy to announce that this Thursday's party at Velocity will be a fundraiser for the Pride Festival being held in Kolkata next month. Kolkata is now the only Indian city to hold a regular Pride parade which this year is being expanded into a three day Pride festival. Some links on the

g_b Re: Hong Kong Trade Talks

2005-05-27 Thread Vikram
of the 'Whole Foods' and independent health food stores in the USA...with politically correct green, black and mixed olives...and varietal and blended extra, extra, extra virgin Indian olive oil.. Um... olives don't grow in India. Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor

g_b GB Meeting this Sunday (5th June) on STDs and sexual health (CHANGED TIMINGS)

2005-06-02 Thread Vikram
We would like to remind you of an upcoming event: The GayBombay Sunday Meet! Date: 5 June 2005. Time: 4.00PM - 6:30PM. SUBJECT: STDs and SEXUAL HEALTH! Venue: Hotel Imperial Palace;Telli Galli;Andheri(East);Mumbai 400069. - How to get there: Hotel Imperial Palace, in which Zouk is located, is

g_b URGENT: any information about Babak Jabbari?

2005-06-08 Thread Vikram
information, please mail me at [EMAIL PROTECTED], Vikram Nobel laureate's interpreter sets himself afire Cause is a mystery. Iranian Babak Jabbari is Xavier's student Prachi Jatania Mumbai, June 7: WITH 75 per cent burns, Babak Jabbari, Nobel Peace prize winner Shirin Ebadi's

g_b last shows of Jungle Men Mangal

2005-06-13 Thread Vikram
Just got this from a friend. If you haven't seen Jungle Mein Mangal and can make it for these shows, don't miss them! Its really worth seeing from a queer point of view: One of the Last Shows of Jungle Mein Mangal Awishkar is thinking of winding up the shows. So don't miss one of the last

g_b Jungle Mein Mangal - an appreciation

2005-06-13 Thread Vikram
try and make up as queer an audience as possible for this hugely queer play, Vikram Group Site: http://www.gaybombay.info == This message was posted to the gay_bombay Yahoo! Group. Responses to messages (by clicking Reply) will also be posted on the eGroup and sent

g_b official My Brother Nikhil DVD - coming soon!

2005-06-13 Thread Vikram
hang on! Vikram Group Site: http://www.gaybombay.info == This message was posted to the gay_bombay Yahoo! Group. Responses to messages (by clicking Reply) will also be posted on the eGroup and sent to all members. If you'd like to respond privately to the author

g_b GB Learns To Cook! This Sunday, 19/6/2005

2005-06-15 Thread Vikram
sure you're coming since if you drop out at the last minute you'll be depriving someone of place). Here's looking forward to seeing lots kitchen queens and queens in waiting this Sunday! Vikram Group Site: http://www.gaybombay.info == This message was posted

g_b on DNA's offensive ad - good news

2005-06-16 Thread Vikram
if you see any, please could you mail me at once at [EMAIL PROTECTED] or call me if you know my number, and I'll pass on the information to the ad agency. Vikram Group Site: http://www.gaybombay.info == This message was posted to the gay_bombay Yahoo! Group

g_b on Babbak Jabbari and others perhaps like him

2005-06-21 Thread Vikram
. Vikram I have got a few bits of information from a couple of people who knew this guy (I didn't know him myself). One guy knew him from the Xavier's hostel where he was staying, but which he had to leave apparently because of harassment because he was known to be gay. Around the same time he seems

g_b Blackmail alert: VT Station

2005-06-25 Thread Vikram
, they can certainly make your life hell. You know the risk, so just don't do it, especially at VT Station. Please feel free to forward this mail to as many guys you know. Vikram Group Site: http://www.gaybombay.info == This message was posted to the gay_bombay

g_b gay marriage: two victories in one week!

2005-06-30 Thread Vikram
with a question on gay rights. He fumbled that one, but lets hope he will face it again and react with some of the understanding and spirit that Martin has shown, Vikram Spain Legalizes Same-Sex Marriages Thursday June 30, 2005 11:01 AM By MAR ROMAN Associated Press Writer MADRID, Spain (AP

g_b BBC: Firdaus Kanga

2005-07-02 Thread Vikram
that Penguin had agreed to reprint it, but unless Firdaus and Dayal get things going its not going to happen, which would be a monumental shame. Hopefully it might be out by the next time he comes to India and we can invite him to GB to read and talk about it, Vikram from bbc.co.uk: Broken bones

g_b Jerusalem Gay Pride Sa'ar Netanel

2005-07-02 Thread Vikram
and from within, Israel remains the one beacon of hope for the queer movement in the Middle East, Vikram Haredi stabs three at Gay Parade By SHEERA CLAIRE FRENKEL What started off as a lively parade of nearly 5,000 Gay Pride activists quickly turned violent Thursday as three young marchers

g_b the crack chronicles (cross posting from Gaybombay list)

2005-07-06 Thread Vikram
This is probably straining a bit at what's acceptable on GB, but it is irresistable, not least the contest which you can view and vote on by clicking on the link below. (This is also a pretty cool and very eye candyfull blog):

g_b reflections...

2005-07-06 Thread Vikram
with their own reflection in the mirror... Vikram http://rjr10036.typepad.com/proceed_at_your_own_risk/ LEGACIES I shared Lilly's fear and discomfort with mirrors and cameras. I was also a work in progress and had my secrets. But most of all, the mirror reflected the pain in my eyes and the faces

g_b London

2005-07-09 Thread Vikram
I hope every one on these lists who is in London is safe and has not suffered loss or hurt to those close to them. When I first heard the news I was worried about the friend my bf and I had stayed with in London - he's gay, Muslim AND a tube-train driver, all vulnerable categories now, for

g_b from Salon: Smoothies!

2005-07-09 Thread Vikram
Meet the smoothies! Metrosexuals, move over. The small towns of America are churning out macho, high-maintenance pretty men who love women and Budweiser -- and have perfectly waxed privates. - - - - - - - - - - - - By Heather Havrilesky June 30, 2005 | I love to dance. I love my body, and I

g_b GB Gets Cooking: report and recipes

2005-07-21 Thread Vikram
on the typical evil Saas cloned with a Manorama from Seeta Geeta. Lending sweetness to the whole event was Vikram who claimed he was going to show us how to make chocolate chip cookies. Half the slab of chocolate however never made it from the chopping board to the mixing bowl (Is that why some

g_b Shahzaad - update

2005-07-22 Thread Vikram
of the papers to do a big piece on this. That would help since it might convince the prosecuters and police that this is a case worth taking seriously. Vikram Group Site: http://www.gaybombay.info == This message was posted to the gay_bombay Yahoo! Group. Responses

g_b cruising through the streets...

2005-08-03 Thread Vikram
everyone on this list was safe and has come out of the chaos with minimal losses, Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- font face=arial size=-1a href=http://us.ard.yahoo.com/SIG=12hed1eh9/M=323294.6903899.7846637.3022212/D=groups/S=1705064406:TM/Y

g_b queer themed films

2005-08-03 Thread Vikram
Its raining queer themed films! Here are two scheduled for release soon and there are more sighting of queer characters cropping up in Bollywood - last week's film '7 1/2 Pheras' (Seven and a half Pheras) apparently has a lesbian subplot. Has anyone seen the film and can they tell us how it

Re: g_b If homosexuality is correct, incest is also correct

2005-08-05 Thread Vikram
incorrect, Vikram --- In gay_bombay@yahoogroups.com, tintrin tintin [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Moderator, Pls let me know, why did you modify the SUBJECT of the mail. Thanks and Regards, Abhay. From: tintrin tintin [EMAIL PROTECTED] Reply-To: gay_bombay@yahoogroups.com To: gay_bombay

g_b Re: read 8 years old love story and decide

2005-08-08 Thread Vikram
be to love someone who cannot or will not reciprocate. But life is often not fair and one example is, as I said, how it often makes the people we would like to be gay really straight. Its better not to delude onself and get on with one's life, Vikram --- In gay_bombay@yahoogroups.com, yamaha black

g_b 'The Bath' - a short film by Sachin Kundalkar

2005-08-08 Thread Vikram
it at a GB Film Screening soon, Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- font face=arial size=-1a href=http://us.ard.yahoo.com/SIG=12hvr8om8/M=362343.6886681.7839642.3022212/D=groups/S=1705064406:TM/Y=YAHOO/EXP=1123533776/A=2894350/R=0/SIG=10tj5mr8v/*http

g_b 16th August protest - background and action

2005-08-11 Thread Vikram
The protest on section 377 being planned for 16th August is shaping up well. For those who haven't been following this, this is a protest for which many queer groups across Mumbai are combining their forces (not least thanks to the magic persuasive powers of Paige) to come together at Flora

g_b 16th August protest - help in preparation this weekend needed

2005-08-11 Thread Vikram
My earlier note about the 16th August protest explained why we're doing it and why we need your support on that day. But even before that we'd like help, getting things ready this weekend. We will need help making banners and posters and anything else we need for the day itself. We are

g_b 16th August protest - the cop the dildo!

2005-08-11 Thread Vikram
that this protest is going to be a real success. And if you're wondering what you difference you can make to it or what you could do for this protest, just remember how Patil used a dildo to convince the cops! Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor

g_b a combo made in heaven...

2005-08-12 Thread Vikram
... well, a heaven that includes gay bloggers and columnists that is. Dan Savage is guest blogging on Andrew Sullivan's blog and I am speechless at this combo of a favourite blog and favourite colmnist (I don't think though that Dan should return the favour and have Sullivan do his sex


2005-08-16 Thread Vikram
be at Flora Fountain! Vikram Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ~-- font face=arial size=-1a href=http://us.ard.yahoo.com/SIG=12hvus4va/M=362329.6886307.7839373.3022212/D=groups/S=1705064406:TM/Y=YAHOO/EXP=1124226583/A=2894324/R=0/SIG=11hia266k/*http

g_b The Amend s.377 petition: 470 +, have you signed yet?

2005-08-19 Thread Vikram
The Amend section 377 of the IPC petition that's online on the Gaybombay website has been growing steadily ever since we put it up on Tuesday. As Sopan said, a few glitches have had to be sorted out, but its 470 plus now and growing. So have you signed yet? A few people have asked what the

g_b Re: mumbai gay rally

2005-08-23 Thread Vikram
as effectively as good media coverage of the Auugust 16 event could, Vikram --- In gay_bombay@yahoogroups.com, james bond [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: its a great thing that gay people had come out to protest against the law that condems gay sex...but i was disspointed with the fact

g_b from The Times of India: Gay Rights, in spite of Section 377

2005-08-27 Thread Vikram
could not be tolerated, and gay or straight the victims were Indian citizens like any other. Vikram KNOW YOUR RIGHTS Gay Rights, in spite of Section 377 SWATI DESHPANDE Less than two weeks ago, San Diego became the largest city in America with an openly gay mayor when its city council

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