[gem5-dev] Force scons to use local libraries over system libraries

2020-08-26 Thread Hsuan Hsu via gem5-dev
Hi, is it possible to change the library path search order, so that scons searches a specific path before the system path? We need to link our gem5 with libz 1.2.9, but there is already a /usr/lib/libz.so whose version is 1.2.8 incompatible with our work. Also, we don't have permission to

[gem5-dev] Re: bug squashing renamed pinned registers in o3?

2020-06-30 Thread Hsuan Hsu via gem5-dev
Hi Gabe, If you encounter a further problem which hangs simulation when using O3, please also cherry-pick this related patch: https://gem5-review.googlesource.com/c/public/gem5/+/26203, which fixes a permanent pipeline stalling problem also caused by renaming mode switching. Hsuan

[gem5-dev] Params not passed correctly from Python to C++

2020-07-02 Thread Hsuan Hsu via gem5-dev
Hi, I’m now testing gem5- so that I can rebase my work on it, but I encounter an issue where gem5 crashes when booting Linux with atomic CPU. I’ve already tried a bit to figure out what happens, and it seems the guest calls memory-mapped m5ops, but gem5 does not initialize the base