[gem5-users] the instructions that are responsible for the number of access to the cache and energy consumption.

2018-05-19 Thread commerce _com
Hi all; I need to do an analysis on the change of time of execution of a parsec 3.0 application (ex: blackscholes) in gem5 and I do not know the statistics (the instructions of file stats.txt) which are responsbales on the change of execution time (for example the instructions that are

[gem5-users] Issues in handling compressed data for L3 cache

2018-05-19 Thread Srajan Khare
Hi friends, I have been implementing Cache Compression algorithm in gem5. So in order to tap data for all the writes into L3 cache I have been using handleFill() function in cache.cc file. I have been using following command to transfer data in compressed format into L3 cache.