[gem5-users] x86 floating point instruction

2018-05-23 Thread Tariq Azmy
Hi, I wrote simple code that does simple floating point multiplication and division operation and from the assembly, I can see there are MULSS and DIVSS instructions. But after I ran the simulation on gem5 and looked at the stat.txt, I can only see the entries in

[gem5-users] Terminating multi-core simulation

2018-05-23 Thread Muhammad Avais
Dear All, I want to measure dynamic energy of L2 cache for multi-core simulations. For this purpose, i measure stats from gem5 like # of hits, # of misses and # of writebacks. As, multi-core simulation in gem5 terminates, as soon as, any workload reaches maximum count. Therefore, while

[gem5-users] parsec3.0 compilation by aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc cross compiler.

2018-05-23 Thread commerce _com
I installed aarch64-linux-gnu-gcc cross compiler in my ubuntu system to compile parsec3.0, and I typed the following commands: source ./env.sh parsecmgmt -a build -c gcc-hooks -p blackscholes and I found this compilation result: [PARSEC] Packages to build: parsec.blackscholes [PARSEC]

Re: [gem5-users] x86 floating point instruction

2018-05-23 Thread Tariq Azmy
Thanks Gabe. Yeah it does not impact the program but it's just that the statistic is incorrect. By the way, I applied the patch and stats now shows correct micro-ops entries. Appreciate your help. Thanks again On Wed, May 23, 2018 at 6:51 PM, Gabe Black wrote: > Yep,

[gem5-users] Failed to find stat 'system.bigCluster.clk_domain.clock' and others

2018-05-23 Thread Yara Gowayed
Hi all I am currently working on power modeling using gem5 for arm bigLITTLE architecture. I am using the fs_power.py script already found in the gem5 repo but I wanted to change the dummy equations for static and dynamic power to more meaningful equations. The stats I need to do so are all found