[gem5-users] Extract data accessed by DRAM

2018-05-26 Thread Riddhi Thakker
Hi all, I want to extract data from DRAM. I tried to do that by using PacketDataPtr and PacketPtr but I didn't get any desired result. I implemented my code in accessAndRespond function after it calls access() of AbstractMemory class. But when I try to directly access the data at the address

[gem5-users] How to run a dynamically linked executable syscall emulation mode se.py in gem5?

2018-05-26 Thread Ciro Santilli
https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5054/how-to-run-a-dynamically-linked-executable-syscall-emulation-mode-se-py-in-gem5 After https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48959349/how-to-solve-fatal-kernel-too-old-when-running-gem5-in-syscall-emulation-se-m I managed to run a statically linked hello

[gem5-users] execution problem parsec3.0

2018-05-26 Thread commerce _com
Hi Ciro i need to run parsec 3.0 on armv8 big.LITTLE, i added parsec 3.0 in the image but i found this problem, do you have any idea about this problem please? Mount failed for selinuxfs on /sys/fs/selinux: No such file or directory [3.858394] init: hwclock main process (665) terminated

Re: [gem5-users] execution problem parsec3.0

2018-05-26 Thread Ciro Santilli
Hi commerce, I don't know what is your setup, all I can say is that I have a few parsec benchmarks working at on my setup: https://github.com/cirosantilli/linux-kernel-module-cheat/tree/fe01ade54d0563b5dc8d8a7826d46b153d9a850a#parsec-benchmark You will also notice that parsecmgmt scripts are too