Re: [gem5-users] execution problem hello.c in architecture armv8 big.LITTLE

2018-06-03 Thread Ciro Santilli
Sorry, those images are undocumented and I don't know how they are generated + parsec is highly unmaintained and not made with cross compilation in mind. The best advice I can give at the moment is: use my setup:

[gem5-users] L1 dcache misses with full-system simulation

2018-06-03 Thread Choe, Jiwon
Hi, I am running some multicore, multithreaded benchmarks (1 thread/core) on a gem5 full-system simulation, and I am having trouble interpreting the data cache misses that I am seeing. As far as I am concerned, the threads do not share any data. However, I am seeing an increase in data cache