[gem5-users] Failed to find stat 'system.bigCluster.clk_domain.clock' and others

2018-05-23 Thread Yara Gowayed
Hi all I am currently working on power modeling using gem5 for arm bigLITTLE architecture. I am using the fs_power.py script already found in the gem5 repo but I wanted to change the dummy equations for static and dynamic power to more meaningful equations. The stats I need to do so are all found

Re: [gem5-users] Failed to find stat 'system.bigCluster.clk_domain.clock' and others

2018-06-01 Thread Yara Gowayed
im_seconds, for example) stats_map[i->name] = i; } } What I did and was compatible with what I need to achieve was replacing the whole part with simply this for (auto & i: Stats::statsList()) { stats_map[i->name] = i; } On 23 May 2018 at 17:47, Yara Gowayed wr