Re: session question

2001-03-16 Thread Craig R. McClanahan

On Fri, 16 Mar 2001, [iso-8859-9] Altuð Altýntaþ (Koç.Net) wrote:

 Hi , 
 i have got two contexts , one of them is VARDIYA and other one is CIS.
 Two of these contexts are implemented by using  session object  . 

You will do much better asking Tomcat-related questions on the
TOMCAT-USER list.  This list is for general discussions about the Jakarta
project as a whole.

 i put  username and password in my sessions( for  VARDIYA and CIS context )
 What i want is , if i logon from VARDIYA context , then i dont want to logon
 CIS either . 
 i mean using a same session but i can't do this .. 
 my  server.xml  part is here : 
 Context path="/CIS"
 Context path="/VARDIYA"
  i have got tomcat 3.2.1 and soloris 5.7 . 
 any idea ? 

Sessions cannot be shared across web applications.  That is part of the
servlet specification.

However, it is possible (in Tomcat 4.0) to share user identity across web
applications so your user only has to sign on once (he or she will have a
session in each app).  See the configuration documentation on the "Single
Sign On" facility:


Craig McClanahan

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Re: Directory layout feedback

2001-03-16 Thread Sam Ruby

Peter Donald wrote:

 Gonna have to disagree. You do whats best when there is no
 significant advantage of doing it otherways. Standardizing
 on a crap standard because someone decrees it a standard is
 near lunacy.

I'm 180 off of this position.

If there IS a significant advantage to doing it otherways, feel free to do
so.  Live and let live.  Standards be damned.

If there is NOT a significant advantage to doing it otherways, lets see if
we can do it a common way.  I'd like to get to the point where people who
work on one code base can pick up another code base without investing a lot
of time in learning a new build process.

Mostly what I am in favor of, however, is not standardizing anything in
this area - instead what I think the focus should be on is on documenting a
set of "best practices".  It is clear that there are a number of
subprojects actively interested in improving their build processes.

If we end up with nothing else, at least there will be some documentation
produced on an area that I fear is still black magic and voodoo to many...

- Sam Ruby

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Rescheduled PMC meeting: 2001-01-19 at 1900 GMT

2001-03-16 Thread Sam Ruby

I was never clear on the date/time, and we never got a quorum, so lets try

Below is the proposed agenda (only change is to add an entry scheduling the
next meeting).

For reference, 1900 GMT is:
   California:  Monday  at 11 a.m.
   New York:Monday  at  2 p.m.
   Spain/Zurich: Monday  at  8 p.m.
   Melbourne:   Tuesday at  6 a.m.


1. Welcoming of new members:
 Peter Donald
 Diane Holt
 Ted Husted
 Ceki Glc
 Geir Magnusson Jr.
 Daniel F. Savarese
 Jason van Zyl

2. Old Business:

   2.1 Sam: revise the scope of Jakarta

   2.2 Sam: formalization of the subproject hierarcy.

   2.3 Unassigned: reformat the rules for revolutionaries document from
 an email to a bylaw

   2.4 James: Clarify the voting rules (specifically vetos): give some
 examples and updating the document on the web site and proposing to

   2.5 James: put out a clear and separate e-mail to the tomcat mailing
 lists indicating what the criteria is for a release plan.

   2.6 Unassigned: Proposal for cvs layout

   2.7 James: review the bylaws.

3. New Business:

   3.1 Commons proposal

   3.2 PMC Member election process

4. Subproject status
 Note: in the long term, the way I would like to address item 3.2 above
 is to assign PMC representatives to monitor each subproject, and would
 like to give each an opportunity to discuss issues, status, and
 progress here.  What I am looking for is major events like the recent
 Ant 1.3 release, upcoming Velocity release and outlook for releases
 like Tomcat 4.1.  Without formal assignments, I'm simply expecting
 everybody to bring what they know.

5. Other changes in status of PMC members

6. Selecting a time for the next meeting

- Sam Ruby

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Tomcat 3.3 Milestone 2

2001-03-16 Thread Larry Isaacs

The second milestone release of Tomcat 3.3 is available for download
and testing.  As a Tomcat 3.x release, it remains an implementation
of the Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1 specifications.

The Milestone 2 release primarily offers bug fixes over Milestone 1.

In this milestone release, documentation still hasn't caught up with
some of the changes for Milestone 1 and this release. For this reason,
be sure to read the "README" file found in Tomcat's "doc" directory.
It contains documentation that covers some of the more important of
the changes to Tomcat 3.3. 

If you have did not try the Milestone 1 release, the following
additional information may help you make full use of the Milestone 2

1) The binary distribution has source for the connectors, but not for
   the Tomcat container.  The source for the full jakarta-tomcat CVS
   tree is available separately in the "v3.3-m2/src" directory. 

2) The internal directory structure contained in the binary and source
   archives differs from Tomcat 3.2.  The binary expands to a directory
   called "tomcat" and the source expands to "jakarta-tomcat".  This
   matches what you would get if you checked out CVS source and built
   Tomcat from that source.
   New for the Milestone 2 release is that building Tomcat 3.3 from
   source creates the "build" and "dist" directories under the
   "jakarta-tomcat" directory instead of at the same level as
   "jakarta-tomcat". Also, jakarta-servletapi is not required, so its
   source is not included in the "v3.3-m2/src" directory.

3) The new class loader scheme in this release ignores your CLASSPATH
   setting. Instead, you may add needed jars to Tomcat's "lib/apps",
   "lib/common", and "lib/container" directories. See the "README" file
   in Tomcat's "doc" directory for details.
   New for Milestone 2 are two System properties:
   which add their listed classes and jars to the jars in "lib/apps"
   and "lib/common", respectively.

4) The "sanity-test" is not part of the binary distribution like it was
   with Tomcat 3.2.  However, it is available in "War" form, along with
   the Watchdog JSP and servlet tests.  These are found in the
   "v3.3-m2/apps" directory.  Place these War files in Tomcat's
   "webapps" directory before starting Tomcat. To simplify testing,
   these tests can be run from the Admin web application. See
   the "README" file in Tomcat's "doc" directory for details. 

5) On Windows, there have been instances where the watchdog-jsp.jsp test 
   fails to display successful tests. Running the watchdog-servlet.jsp
   first seems to avoid this. You can also restart Tomcat and re-run
   watchdog-jsp.jsp and it will display the successful tests.

6) The Admin web application's index.html file has an error in the
   commands it displays to change it to "trusted".  "run" should appear
   before "-enableAdmin" when using the ".sh" and ".bat" files.  This is
   documented correctly in the "README" in the "doc" directory.

Please download this release and give it a try in your environment.  The
source, rpms, and binaries may be found at: 

To log problems or bugs, as well as submit patches, please refer to: 

When logging bugs to Bugzilla, please specify the Program as "Tomcat 3"
and the Version as "Nightly Build". 

Larry Isaacs 


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