Why don't provide zipped manuals an HOW-TOs?

2002-10-29 Thread Stefano Mainardi
Hello everybody browsing jakarta.apache.org I noticed that manuals are not provided as zip, tarballs or pdf, so just a suggestion: Why don't provide zipped manuals an HOW-TOs of the applications, together with the online pages? This could allow easy off-line browsing of the documentation. please

Re: Why don't provide zipped manuals an HOW-TOs?

2002-10-29 Thread Henri Yandell
Usually because I'm assembling a list of docs for a PDA, or for a company document server, or whatever :) But Andrew's right. The docs are generally in the binary downloads. Website needs improving to make that more clear... Hen On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Andrew C. Oliver wrote: For POI

Why Sun lost the Yahoo! account...

2002-10-29 Thread Jon Scott Stevens
I knew that not having a decent FreeBSD JVM was eventually going to bite Sun in the ass in a very public way... Why not JSP, Servlets, or J2EE? http://public.yahoo.com/~radwin/talks/yahoo-phpcon2002.htm It would have been cool to say that Java powered Yahoo! -jon -- To unsubscribe,

Newsletter - Request for content

2002-10-29 Thread Rob Oxspring
Hi all, After a lapse last month its approaching time to put together another newsletter. As usual, I've cc'd those that submitted content last month in the hope that they will either submit something again, or try to persuade someone else to take over writing for the Sep-Oct issue. If anybody