Re:RPM's (was: Jakarta - A study in self defeating projects)

2004-10-12 Thread Adrian Sutton
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Re: [VOTE] Updating PMC bylaws

2004-08-10 Thread Adrian Sutton
+1 Adrian Sutton. On 11/08/2004, at 1:58 AM, Henri Yandell wrote: Suggested new bylaws are at: The aim is to identify the current reality, rather than plan out a new set of bylaws. I believe I've responded to the past week of comments, sometimes

Re: [NOTICE] HttpClient is requesting to move from commons to Jakarta sub-project

2004-04-14 Thread Adrian Sutton
Geir et al, Sorry that was my fault. It was my understanding that the PMC had to vote on it and thus logical to forward it to [EMAIL PROTECTED] I had however forgotten to take into account the fact that pmc@ is a private list. Regards, Adrian Sutton. On 15/04/2004, at 2:29 AM, Geir