Re: [PROPOSAL] The future of Jakarta

2007-05-20 Thread J Aaron Farr
think there is no more qualified group of people to put together such as site than we have in Jakarta/Apache. -- J Aaron Farr[US] +1 724-964-4515 馮傑仁 [HK] +852 8123-7905

Re: [VOTE] Release Regexp 1.5

2007-03-19 Thread J Aaron Farr
Jesse Kuhnert [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: You have to be kidding me.. The only problem I see is that people are all caught up in policies / processes but I've yet to hear what the actual root problem is. I'm sure it's intended to somehow prevent something nasty that has happened in the past

Re: [VOTE] Release Regexp 1.5

2007-03-19 Thread J Aaron Farr
Nathan Bubna [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: that said, i would love to see some more automation of signature/hash/LICENSE/NOTICE/zip-tar-consistency checking. i believe Henk Penning does have some automated signature checking set up, but that's all i know of, and it only happens after the release

Re: Re: State of Slide project

2006-07-29 Thread J Aaron Farr
On 7/29/06, Martin van den Bemt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Henning Schmiedehausen wrote: Hm, We should make the effort to distinguish between stable projects/code and dormant/dead code. Totally agree.. Though we have to figure out if slide is dormant or mature. I cannot judge if it is one or

Re: Managing communities and emails (was Re: [PROPOSAL] Jakarta Language Components)

2006-03-14 Thread J Aaron Farr
On 3/14/06, Thomas Dudziak [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Perhaps a forum frontend would be even better for users, at least for non-power-users. You mean like Nabble? ( I like Simon's proposal. I know I need something that better allows me to manage the number of lists I'm

Re: future for maven generated websites?

2005-03-28 Thread J Aaron Farr
On Mon, 28 Mar 2005 11:01:07 +0100, robert burrell donkin [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: given that infrastructures talking about switching off accounts on minotaur in a matter of months and there's work that's going to be needed to be done, it's probably worth trying to pull some stuff together

Re: Javadoc management

2005-03-16 Thread J Aaron Farr
On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 00:49:08 -0500 (EST), Henri Yandell [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Interested in finding out if anyone else thinks this would be a good idea. Rather than have each subproject managing their release javadocs separately, I think it would be good if we treated the javadoc more

RE: License issue

2004-12-28 Thread J Aaron Farr
-Original Message- From: Matthias Wessendorf [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Hi, I have a question containing different licenses. As far as I understand, we are not allowed to ship JARs (for dependency) that are under LGPL. What would be with BSD License? BSD dependencies are fine.

Re: Lessons Learned

2004-12-12 Thread J Aaron Farr
robert burrell donkin wrote: beware too many organizational layers. flat is best. having a single sub-project with many releasables artifacts sharing the same community space (mailing lists, committer lists, voting eligability and so on) has proved more successful (see jakarta commons) than a

RE: error while starting tomcat

2004-10-12 Thread J Aaron Farr
-Original Message- From: project member [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] hi all, anyone has a solution for this exception while i start tomcat : Apache Tomcat/4.0.4 Address already in use: JVM_Bind It means you already have something running on port 8080 which

[ANN] New Avalon Site

2004-07-06 Thread J Aaron Farr
FYI: Apache Avalon has launched a new version of our website: The site focuses the new single Avalon platform and reflects much of the recent changes in Avalon including the spinning off of the new Apache Excalibur project. As such, much old documentation has been

Re: Why use maillists??

2004-04-16 Thread J Aaron Farr
Quoting Shane Curcuru [EMAIL PROTECTED]: A couple of other reasons to supplement Danny's reply: And one or two of my own: * Mailing lists are a push technology. Forums are more pull. That means I can get the mailing list updates sent to me without having to do anything. Forums require me

Re: Jakarta Questions

2003-11-26 Thread J Aaron Farr
Quoting Rice, Joe [EMAIL PROTECTED]: I'm doing a school project on Jakarta and it's Open Source process. I've read everything that I could find online and still had a few questions: snip/ 2. What is used to determine when a release is ready? When outstanding bugs in Bugzilla are resolved?

Re: [Proposal] HiveMind Service Framework

2003-11-12 Thread J Aaron Farr
FYI: I think someone wanted this to get forwarded to the Avalon 'general' mailing list, but since that doesn't exist, I thought I'd send it to our dev list. For the Avaloners: There's been a bit of discussion lately on [EMAIL PROTECTED] about what to do with Hivemind seeing that it has

Re: Call on Stein to resign over Gernimo

2003-11-11 Thread J Aaron Farr
On Wed, 2003-11-12 at 00:20, mohammad nabil wrote: we are talking about software here. It's no life and death matter. No one is going to lose their life over this. It's not like a U.S. gov. official leaking the name of a CIA operative to the public. what that mean :s

RE: so many jars

2003-03-14 Thread J Aaron Farr
On Fri, 2003-03-14 at 11:14, Henri Yandell wrote: at compile-time maybe :) But you still end up with jar duplication, you just get to avoid having to think about it too much when compiling. I agree that maven has an excellent jar dependency solution for compile-time, but I don't think

Prof Eben Moglen on L/GPL and jars

2003-02-20 Thread J Aaron Farr
With all the discussion about licensing with LGPL stuff, I thought this might be interesting to everyone. Comes from the new Slashdot interview with Eben Moglen. ( 2) Clarifying the GPL by sterno One issue that I