Re: Why use maillists??

2004-04-16 Thread Shane Curcuru
A couple of other reasons to supplement Danny's reply: -- Because they're easy to use at one level, and they're the lowest common denominator. Everyone (well, nearly) has an email account, and can read and respond to mailing lists. We have some contributors who still live over part-time

Re: Call on Stein to resin

2003-11-11 Thread Shane Curcuru
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote I will try to make this last message on the topic of ethics, its up to the people sitting on the hands to see this is as a problem and do something. Well, I've been sitting on my hands realy hard trying not to jump in with a witty and sarcastic reply

Re: Jakarta member seeking ASF membership

2002-10-24 Thread Shane Curcuru
Hmmm. A couple of comments. Have folks here read yet? If not, you really need to (well, skim it, plus the opening paras on the /foundation/ page). The ASF (Apache Software Foundation) is an 'official' non-profit corporation under Delaware, US laws.

RE: [IMPORTANT] What actions can the ASF take to enforce

2002-05-17 Thread Shane Curcuru
As already noted, several of the FAQ documents include links to copies of the license. Plus the fact that virtually all Apache projects include a LICENSE or the like file in an obvious place inside the project (which you presumably downloaded to see if you wanted to use it) as well as the fact

RE: LICENSE in .jar files

2002-03-20 Thread Shane Curcuru
Sorry for my tangent - it's clear that on legal matters, I should just get the heck outta Dodge and let someone with more patience work on it. 8-{ I've forwarded a link (with threading) to your (Conor's) message to the xml PMC so they should be aware of this licensing issue with JAXP and

Re: release signing policy?

2002-01-10 Thread Shane Curcuru
Great! I'll keep an eye out so we can propose stealing what you come up with for as well... 8-) Suggestions/comments/questions: -- Focus on overall how-to steps for the release process and signing 'public' distribution units; I can volunteer to do QA on any instructions you come