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2001-03-16 Thread Craig R. McClanahan

On Fri, 16 Mar 2001, [iso-8859-9] Altuð Altýntaþ (Koç.Net) wrote:

 Hi , 
 i have got two contexts , one of them is VARDIYA and other one is CIS.
 Two of these contexts are implemented by using  session object  . 

You will do much better asking Tomcat-related questions on the
TOMCAT-USER list.  This list is for general discussions about the Jakarta
project as a whole.

 i put  username and password in my sessions( for  VARDIYA and CIS context )
 What i want is , if i logon from VARDIYA context , then i dont want to logon
 CIS either . 
 i mean using a same session but i can't do this .. 
 my  server.xml  part is here : 
 Context path="/CIS"
 Context path="/VARDIYA"
  i have got tomcat 3.2.1 and soloris 5.7 . 
 any idea ? 

Sessions cannot be shared across web applications.  That is part of the
servlet specification.

However, it is possible (in Tomcat 4.0) to share user identity across web
applications so your user only has to sign on once (he or she will have a
session in each app).  See the configuration documentation on the "Single
Sign On" facility:


Craig McClanahan

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Re: session question

2001-03-15 Thread Peter Donald

This is not the list for that question - try tomcat-users


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