RE: Jetspeed configuration in Bugzilla

2001-10-09 Thread Ignacio J. Ortega
I can do that.., please specify what you need.. We can ask Pier ( Bugzilla Admin ) for privs for you .. Saludos , Ignacio J. Ortega -Mensaje original- De: Paul Spencer [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Enviado el: martes 9 de octubre de 2001 13:11 Para: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Asunto:

Re: Multiple Servlets in Multiple Contexts

2001-10-09 Thread Matt Egyhazy
you could just have two tomcat instances running on two different ports, unless the servlets have to share sessions...i am not totally sure what functionality you require though. matt - Original Message - From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Tuesday, October 09, 2001 9:26

Re: BCEL @ Jakarta

2001-10-09 Thread Jason van Zyl
On 10/8/01 6:07 PM, Ted Husted [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: There wasn't one for Lucene, but I'd like to get back on track. My proposal for the Commons is here: Cool. Thanks Ted. Jason van Zyl wrote: On 10/8/01 3:24 PM,