Re: IP addresses

2002-12-12 Thread Brian McCallister
On Thu, 2002-12-12 at 12:43, php user wrote: I was wondering if thier is way I can deny people access to my website via an ip address? Yes. 1) Deny by the web server. A) In Apache HTTPD: B) In IIS: Install Apache,

Re: Sun Is Losing Its Way

2002-12-13 Thread Brian McCallister
On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 09:18, Andrew C. Oliver wrote: Because its more stable and runs faster under Linux than Star/OpenOffice? Sadly, MS Word under CrossOver Office is more stable on my Linux workstation at work than OpenOffice. Hopefully this will change. -Brian -- To unsubscribe, e-mail:


2003-01-17 Thread Brian McCallister
On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 14:38, Peter Royal wrote: On Tuesday, December 17, 2002, at 02:13 PM, Henri Yandell wrote: Seems as if most of Jakarta use OS X now. Is it just that us X-junkies are loud and proud about it? I switched recently ( ~ 4mo ). It would be interesting to conduct an

Re: MS vs Open Source link

2003-02-20 Thread Brian McCallister
The scary thing is I have heard clients that they think that if they use any open source... now their software is open source or in a conflict with comerical software they are using. A good way to handle this is to take the Apache projects, name them something different, add a pretty UI and

Re: Is there a place for Eclipse plugins in Apache/Jakarta land?

2003-06-12 Thread Brian McCallister
So it is a choice between Apache and SourceForge I guess. oo oo oo oo, or Actually, at first glance it seems to be quite a bit slicker than SourceForge at least (not that being slicker than SF in its current state is terribly difficult). =)

Re: The vendors page

2003-07-02 Thread Brian McCallister
It might be useful for projects who *need* help to let that be known in some easy-to-find way. Some projects are well staffed, some are understaffed. If you are involved with several of the project mailing lists it becomes more clear, but if you are say, a company who wants to contribute

Re: Apache != HTTPD

2003-07-17 Thread Brian McCallister
You can Say Apache, because you're right there in front of them to clear up any confusion. For the ASF to call HTTPD Apache perpetuates the myth that thats all there is to it. So... We are using Apache, that is really Apache Hutpud, but you cannot write hutpud because it confuses people about

Re: Publicizing ApacheCon 2003

2003-09-04 Thread Brian McCallister
Actually, as registration isn't open yet, the early-bird is quite a farce. -Brian On Thursday, September 4, 2003, at 02:31 PM, Andrew C. Oliver wrote: Christ, they just got it together. While I'm covered, folks were for months asking Are we having an apachecon and then it was barely

Re: Publicizing ApacheCon 2003

2003-09-04 Thread Brian McCallister
On Thursday, September 4, 2003, at 04:05 PM, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote: Brian McCallister wrote: Actually, as registration isn't open yet, the early-bird is quite a farce. i rather resent that remark. It wasn't aimed at you (or anyone) personally -- I apologize if you took it that way

Re: [POLL] Future Of Turbine-JCS

2003-12-05 Thread Brian McCallister
OJB supports using JCS for distributed caching, but I don't know how many people actually use it (we don't). There is overlap between OJB and Turbine contributors Arrowhead ASP, a GPL ASP interpreter, ( ) also uses JCS as I know the guy who wrote it =) OTOH I

Re: Why you *want* to be on the PMC

2003-12-18 Thread Brian McCallister
On Thu, 2003-12-18 at 14:03, Henri Yandell wrote: Either it would roll back to the old style as Tomcat + friends, or would become the Java-Foundry for Apache [a la Sourceforge], or would become Jakarta Commons, or both of the latter two. Dunno what other visions there might be out there for

[OT] [JOKE] Re: Jakarta: Confederation or Single Project?

2003-12-20 Thread Brian McCallister
Holy war time: IoC TLP's public class Log4J implements JakartaAware, LoggingAware { ... } public class Log4J { public void setJakarta(Jakarta jakarta) { ... } public void setLogging(Logging logging) { ... } } public class Log4J { public Log4J(Jakarta jakarta,

Re: The Name Jakarta

2004-01-28 Thread Brian McCallister
Despite any rumors to the contrary, Jakarta being the capital of Indonesia on the island of Java had nothing to do with it either ;-) -Brian On Jan 27, 2004, at 10:45 PM, Craig R. McClanahan wrote: Quoting Uncle Roastie [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Why/how was the name Jakarta choosen? Thanks, [EMAIL

Re: Hibernate in Apache projects

2004-04-20 Thread Brian McCallister
As far as I know nothing has changed in regards to linking to LGPL code in ASL code that we host. On a tangentially related not -- if there is anything that Hibernate does that OJB doesn't, let us know and we'll fix that problem =) The only major feature Hibernate has that OJB does not is a

Re: Hibernate in Apache projects

2004-04-20 Thread Brian McCallister
. On the Hibernate thing -- you could adapt the Cocoon approach and have a non-ASF site with ASL incompatible modules. -Brian On Apr 20, 2004, at 3:15 PM, David Sean Taylor wrote: On Apr 20, 2004, at 11:54 AM, Brian McCallister wrote: As far as I know nothing has changed in regards to linking

Re: Hibernate in Apache projects

2004-04-20 Thread Brian McCallister
, TJDO, Cayenne, Speedo, EJB-CMP, iBatis, Spring-DAO, or Fazoogle Data Objects. -Brian On Apr 20, 2004, at 4:28 PM, David Sean Taylor wrote: On Apr 20, 2004, at 12:59 PM, Brian McCallister wrote: I'm sorry to hear that, I am also sorry to see that I cannot find any posts from you ojb-users or ojb

Re: Any interest in a Jakarta JavaOne BOF?

2004-05-22 Thread Brian McCallister
I'm in =) -Brian On May 21, 2004, at 2:51 PM, Kevin Burton wrote: It's about a 1.5 months away but I figured I would try to get a pulse on how much interest there is in holding a JavaOne BOF. We've contacted SUN directly and they seem interested... though to be honest I was thinking it would be

Re: Where is Cloudscape?

2004-08-07 Thread Brian McCallister
I would strongly recommend checking out Axion ( ) as well, which is also in the incubator (cvs is still on tigris as they promised users a 1.0 release in that namespace, I believe). When Derby was first announced I thought it may make life rough on Axion, but the more