PMC Nomination - Costin Manolache

2002-02-04 Thread jean-frederic clere
I would like to nominate Costin Manolache for election to the PMC. Costin has a wide area knowledge of ASF projects (Apr, httpd 1.3/2.0, tomcat3.x/4.0, Ant...). He has been contributing to Tomcat since the very first versions. He has the patience of a good teacher and the spirit of a real

Re: Nominee's for the Jakarta PMC 2002. Last change to debug.

2002-02-08 Thread jean-frederic clere
+++ CUT +++ Morgan Delagrange (accepted) I would like to nominate Morgan Delagrange for the PMC. He's a founding member of and an active participant in jakarta-commons, is the author of some popular jakarta-taglibs tags, and has contributed a substantial amount of code, documentation and

[Fwd: ApacheCon news]

2002-02-15 Thread jean-frederic clere
---BeginMessage--- Greetings! This message is being sent to several of the Apache mailing lists in order to reach the broadest possible audience of people interested in the Apache packages. Future messages will be almost entirely confined to the (low-volume) ApacheCon announcement list,

Re: ApacheCon news

2002-02-15 Thread jean-frederic clere
Pier Fumagalli wrote: Rodent of Unusual Size [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Okey, I have just sent a message about the ApacheCon status to [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] Other projects, please consider forwarding it to the appropriate lists for your project.

Re: ApacheCon news

2002-02-18 Thread jean-frederic clere
a lot of fun. I still use the Conference Proceedings from time to time. An ApacheCon is a good chance to meet the committers and get a up to date vision of the ASF developpements. From the session list from previous years it looks like the conference may entice a geek or two. jean-frederic clere

Re: is DNS ok?

2002-05-14 Thread jean-frederic clere
Danny Angus wrote: 11:01:34 Request from for MX-record for 11:01:34 Sending request to ( for MX-record for 11:01:34 Reply from about MX-record for 11:01:34 - Answer:

Re: Source files in distribution ?

2002-06-10 Thread jean-frederic clere
Remy Maucherat wrote: I noticed some projects distribute separate 'dist' and 'source' packages, and some include the source in the dist package as well. In some cases the 'source' included with the dist doesn't include build.xml and the auxiliary files. I remember many discussions on

Getting JVM version

2002-09-26 Thread jean-frederic clere
Hi, I am looking for a reliable way to find the JVM version of installed Java. I have tried java -version but that seems to return weird strings. Reading java.version via System.getProperties looks better. Has someone a better solution or an idea? Cheers Jean-frederic -- To unsubscribe,

Re: Getting JVM version

2002-09-26 Thread jean-frederic clere
Stefan Bodewig wrote: On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, jean-frederic clere [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Has someone a better solution or an idea? Try to load a class and catch the ClassNotFoundException - properties have not been reliable so far. But then again be careful with the class you chose

Re: Getting JVM version

2002-09-26 Thread jean-frederic clere
Stefan Bodewig wrote: On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, jean-frederic clere [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Something like the following to check that it is at least 1.3: much simpler: Class.forName(java.util.Timer); take a look at Ant's JavaVersionHelper (in Stefan

Re: Why Sun lost the Yahoo! account...

2002-11-05 Thread jean-frederic clere
Jon Scott Stevens wrote: I knew that not having a decent FreeBSD JVM was eventually going to bite Sun in the ass in a very public way... Why not JSP, Servlets, or J2EE? I think the problem is also the threads in FreeBSD. It

Re: Why Sun lost the Yahoo! account...

2002-11-05 Thread jean-frederic clere
Andrew C. Oliver wrote: I think the problem is also the threads in FreeBSD. for a long time the jdk on linux came with its own thread implementation. You are right and __clone() is a _very_ special way for starting a thread. It would have been cool to say that Java powered Yahoo!

Re: I feel so vindicated.

2003-01-30 Thread jean-frederic clere
Jon Scott Stevens wrote: I think we are going to see more and more of this over the coming year as the economy gets worse and worse and people are expected to produce real working applications. People are going to start to clue in to the fact that

Re: [PATCH] jakarta-site2/xdocs/site/binindex.xml

2004-07-26 Thread jean-frederic clere
good: Could I get karma for jakarta-site2? Yoav Shapira Millennium Research Informatics -Original Message- From: jean-frederic clere [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Monday, July 26, 2004 10:59 AM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: [PATCH] jakarta-site2/xdocs/site/binindex.xml Hi, I have tried

Re: [VOTE] Updating PMC bylaws

2004-08-11 Thread jean-frederic clere
+1 Cheers Jean-Frederic Henri Yandell wrote: Suggested new bylaws are at: The aim is to identify the current reality, rather than plan out a new set of bylaws. I believe I've responded to the past week of comments, sometimes by dropping things

Re: [VOTE] Release Candidate JMeter 2.3 RC1 - abandoned

2007-07-09 Thread jean-frederic clere
Dion Gillard wrote: From looking at Struts SVN, I'm guessing that they're built and then tagged from a revision of trunk and then that tag is voted on for quality. Maybe one of the Struts/Tomcat committers can explain how they do it? In Tomcat the committers agree on a release date the

Re: Tomcat 5.5.23 dont start...

2007-09-14 Thread jean-frederic clere
Iuliana wrote: Good afternoon, I was trying to use tomcat 5.5.23 in Linux Slackware 11 but when I start the server in console: $CATALINA_HOME/bin/, I dont have any error, the page is white and when I see the file catalina.out in logs folder I have the follow: SEVERE: Error

Re: Tomcat 6 binary in 64-bit

2009-01-20 Thread jean-frederic clere
m zyzy wrote: Could Tomcat 6 core binary be used in 64-bit Linux O/S ? which one of 64-bit JDK 5 or 6 is recommended ? FYI the machine's processor is a 2 core Intel with Intel 64 support, 16 GB DDR2 FB and 160BG SATA2 SAS. And how many maximum heap -Xmx and PermGen space memory should be enough

Re: [VOTE] Cactus to the Attic

2011-07-25 Thread jean-frederic clere
On 07/23/2011 08:25 PM, Henri Yandell wrote: [X] +1, G'night Cactus Cheers Jean-Frederic - To unsubscribe, e-mail: For additional commands, e-mail:

Re: [VOTE] Move Jakarta to the Attic; close down Jakarta PMC

2011-11-10 Thread jean-frederic clere
On 11/10/2011 07:01 PM, Henri Yandell wrote: A joint vote to retire Jakarta into the Attic and to ask the board to close down the PMC. [ ] +1 Cheers Jean-Frederic - To unsubscribe, e-mail: