Board reports.

2006-12-17 Thread Martin van den Bemt
Hi everyone,

The official way board reports should be handled has 2 parts : 1 part that is 
edited by the the
committers (= the people who know best about there projects) and after that the 
VP can add his
personal notes to the report.
So starting from now I would like to see that people add the things they want 
in the report to this
page :

Some things need to be in the board report :

- New committers
- New PMC Members
- Releases (under the release section at the top) and a more detailed 
explenation of the release
under the project section (not too detailed please, a summary will do).

Besides that I would also like to see feedback for individual commons 
components (in proper).
Especially interesting is the developer involvement and the user list 
interaction over the last 3

If you want to share anything else that you think is important for the board to 
know, please do so
at above page.

Thanx for your help :)


PS There are more subprojects with subprojects, besides commons, though eg 
Taglibs has only 2 or 3
components with activity. I leave that to the respective projects to decide if 
a distinction in
subprojects is needed, although it would be appreciated that you at least 
identify that there are
subprojects in your projects.

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[site] board reports

2005-02-27 Thread Henri Yandell
The board reports are now on the site 
(, though I've not 
come up with a good place to link them in yet navigation-wise.

The page needs a tiny bit of text at the top too, to set the context.
The process I'll follow is to publish the wiki page to the site when I 
send it to the board; which helps to set it in stone somewhat.

Next up, time to start working on the March 2005 board report :)
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