Re: Unable to create lucene index

2006-10-18 Thread Fredrik Andersson
If you want to create an index, you have to supply the true as the last constructor argument to IndexWriter. The lock files use some kind of hash for their ID:s and might very well persist even if you delete the directory. So, delete new directory (if it ever was created), delete any lockfiles,

[PROPOSAL] index server project

2006-10-18 Thread Doug Cutting
It seems that Nutch and Solr would benefit from a shared index serving infrastructure. Other Lucene-based projects might also benefit from this. So perhaps we should start a new project to build such a thing. This could start either in java/contrib, or as a separate sub-project, depending on

Re: [PROPOSAL] index server project

2006-10-18 Thread Yonik Seeley
On 10/18/06, Doug Cutting [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Does this make sense? Does it sound like it would be useful to Solr? To Nutch? To others? Who would be interested and able to work on it? Rather than holding my tounge until I wrap my head around all the issues, I'll say that I'm definitely