[gentoo-dev] Unused ebuild built_with_use cleanup

2009-09-29 Thread Petteri R├Ąty
I wrote a script to check which ebuilds use built_with_use and have
keywords in never versions making the ebuild unused. This means that
neither arch or ~arch users are likely to install the ebuild. The script
and the list of ebuilds is attached. I plan on removing all these
ebuilds two weeks from now unless a reason is given why not to. If you
see an ebuild on the list that should be kept, please migrate it to EAPI
2. If you need assistance in migrating, I can help. With these gone
built_with_use usage will be down to about 600:

betelge...@pena /usr/portage $ grep --include *.ebuild built_with_use
-r . | wc -l;
betelge...@pena ~/bin $ wc -l ebuilds_to_nuke.txt
317 ebuilds_to_nuke.txt



require 'Paludis'
include Paludis

env = EnvironmentFactory.instance.create('')

require 'systemu'
status, stdout, stderr = systemu 'adjutrix -U --repository-dir /usr/portage/'

for line in stdout
next unless line.include?('/')

spec = = + line.strip

id = env[Selection::RequireExactlyOne.new(

Generator::Matches.new(Paludis::parse_user_package_dep_spec(spec, env, []), 

ebuild = id['EBUILD'].value
File.open(ebuild) do |f|
puts ebuild if f.any? {|line| line.include?('built_with_use') }

[gentoo-dev] Lastrite: media-plugins/flexplaylist

2009-09-29 Thread Samuli Suominen
# Samuli Suominen ssuomi...@gentoo.org (29 Sep 2009)
# Doesn't compile and deps on arts. Masked for removal,
# see bug 286813.

Re: [gentoo-dev] [rfc] layman-global.txt, repositories.xml, layman, overlays.gentoo.org

2009-09-29 Thread volkmar
On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 08:23:34PM +0200, Sebastian Pipping wrote:
 Hello there!
 This may look like like a lot of text but it actually isn't.
 Please read on.  Thanks.

Thanks for your good work.
I agree with your changes it was indeed needed.

Actually, during my GSOC, I've noted layman-global.txt should be changed
to have a cleanier description information and it's probably the moment
to introduce this.

At the moment, description is used for very short descriptions:
descriptionArcon Overlay!/description
or quite longer:
descriptionA collection of Bazaar-related ebuilds, including release 
candidates of Bazaar./description
even ery long:
descriptionBerkano overlay provides an overlay for Gentoo Linux with
ebuilds of bleeding edge software (such as live subversion builds) and other 
handy tools that are missing from the official portage tree. Areas of interest 
include multimedia and system administration./description

layman is a cli so it doesn't really care of the description lenght but
it's a pain to use in a GUI like PackageKit repository list. I think we
should introduce a longdescription field even with a lang parameter
like we already have in metadata.xml. So, description field will have to
be used for short descriptions (a few words) to complete the name of the
overlay like:
descriptionexperimental gnome ebuilds/description

I don't think DTD have abilities to restrict field value lenght but even
if we will have to change a few description by hands, having a
longdescription field could help.

Sebastian, do you think you can add this to your set of changes ? (only
the new field in the DTD at the moment).


Re: [gentoo-dev] [rfc] layman-global.txt, repositories.xml, layman, overlays.gentoo.org

2009-09-29 Thread Sebastian Pipping
volk...@gentoo.org wrote:
 I think we
 should introduce a longdescription field even with a lang parameter
 like we already have in metadata.xml.