Re: [gentoo-dev] Improving the support for minor arches and less common profiles in CI

2018-01-07 Thread Michał Górny
W dniu sob, 06.01.2018 o godzinie 12∶10 +0100, użytkownik Michał Górny napisał: > So I'm thinking of an alternate idea: to start adding staging warnings > for additional profile class, combined with arch restriction. In other > words, change CI from: > > -p stable > > to: > > -p

Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: Dropped EAPI 2/3 support in virtualx.eclass

2018-01-07 Thread Aaron Bauman
On January 6, 2018 8:11:09 PM EST, Duncan <> wrote: >Justin Lecher posted on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 13:23:12 + as excerpted: > >> As there are no consumers [1] of the virtualx.eclass using ancient >EAPIs >> I dropped support for EAPI=2/3 >> >> Best, >> Justin >> >> 1)

[gentoo-dev] Re: [PATCH] Migrate CROSSCOMPILE_OPTS=headers-only -> USE=headers-only

2018-01-07 Thread Sergei Trofimovich
On Sat, 30 Dec 2017 18:48:02 + Sergei Trofimovich wrote: > CROSSCOMPILE_OPTS is a USE_EXPAND of a single item: headers-only. > Convert it to a global USE flag instead. > > The changes are: > - mechanical ebuild rename (touches libcs and kernel headers): > $ sed -e

Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: Deleting old news items

2018-01-07 Thread Denis Lisov
On Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 1:05 PM, Ulrich Mueller wrote: > Filtering in eselect news would be problematic: Obtaining the list > of items with "eselect news list" and e.g. reading them with "eselect > news read" are issued as separate commands, which requires that the > list of valid

[gentoo-dev] Automated Package Removal and Addition Tracker, for the week ending 2018-01-07 23:59 UTC

2018-01-07 Thread Robin H. Johnson
-explorer 20180103-20:14 asturm 87e9bbe5508 dev-vcs/qbzr 20180103-20:14 asturm 87e9bbe5508 dev-vcs/qct20180107-11:21 zlogene 6423e37b129 dev-vcs/qsvn 20180103-11:34 kensington 65db4508eb3 games-board/capicity

Re: Re : Re: [gentoo-portage-dev] Constraint-Based Dependency Solver for Portage: a prototype

2018-01-07 Thread Michael Lienhardt
Dear Alexander, Many thanks for the advices. I started few discussions on the forum and will go to FOSDEM. I'll see where it will go. Best, Michael Il 16/12/2017 14:39, Alexander Berntsen ha scritto: On 13/12/17 02:52, wrote: But maybe there are things we can do