[gentoo-dev] GSoC 2020: Call for mentors and project ideas

2020-01-16 Thread alicef

As always, Gentoo plans to participate in the Google Summer of Code
2020. We are looking for new project ideas and are always open for
new mentors.
Google Summer of Code is a big opportunity for making Gentoo project more
visible and get more people interested to join Gentoo and helping out.

1. Project ideas

GSoC projects should be suitable for 3 months worth of work for
a student, taking into account time required for students to get in
touch with the project, to learn some details, to fix mistakes and
make improvements. Most students are not yet seasoned developers,
so their coding rate will be likely slower than yours.

Usually projects are something more complicated than just writing
some ebuilds, however if non-trivial ebuild related work is
required, e.g. to write new eclasses and adapt existing packages to
use them (or add new ones), this should do too.

Ideas from previous years may be reused, but this should not be
abused, since Gentoo moves forward and we have new stuff to do.

If you have an idea, but can't be a mentor, please still tell us
about it, we'll try to find a mentor later.

Ideas should be put to our wiki: [1].
The page contains ideas adding howto.

2. Mentors

If you want to be a mentor, welcome! It is not necessary to be a
Gentoo developer in order to be a mentor, but project must be
Gentoo related.

Mentoring requires some time. It depends much on a student, but is
usually within 4-10 hours per week. If you don't have that much
time, but still want to help, you may become a backup mentor.
Students often have 2 mentors to eliminate bus factor and to
improve expertise in a project.

Please keep in mind that GSoC is not just about new code, but about
bringing new people to community and we have developers which where
GSoC students in the past. So time invested in students will result
not only in some problems solved, but into bringing new people to
our community and strengthening ties with existing participants.

Mentors should enlist themselves on the wiki: [2].

If you have any questions or proposals, feel free to reply to this
e-mail, or contact us via #gentoo-soc IRC channel on FreeNode[3],
or by writing to project's alias[4].

[1] https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code/2020/Ideas
[2] https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code/2020/Mentors
[3] http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=gentoo-soc
[4] mailto:soc-ment...@gentoo.org


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[gentoo-dev] Perl upgrade on git.gentoo.org

2020-01-16 Thread Alec Warner
It looks like it took, please report bugs on bugs.gentoo.org if you
encounter any weirdness with git.


Re: [gentoo-dev] RFC: Dropping alpha keywords to unstable

2020-01-16 Thread David Seifert
On Wed, 2020-01-15 at 21:47 -0800, Matt Turner wrote:
> Hello,
> It makes me a bit sad to say, having helped maintain Gentoo's DEC
> Alpha
> port for more than 10 years, that I think it is time to drop our
> stable
> keywords to ~alpha.
> Stable testing is a valuable service we provide to users. Time
> invested
> by developers during stabilization has the potential to pay dividends
> to
> users multiple times over.
> But the presumption in that statement is that the number of users
> meaningfully greater than the number of developers. I no longer
> believe
> this is the case for Alpha.
> As a result, I don't think it's a good use of my time to perform
> stable
> testing on alpha.
> I plan to keep the profiles "stable" (meaning no depgraph breakages)
> but
> to change to ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~alpha".
> Thoughts?
> Matt

Thanks Matt, this will also help developers in cleaning up their
packages. I highly support this move.