[gentoo-dev] has_version etc parallelisability

2007-12-30 Thread Ciaran McCreesh
Is it legal for ebuilds to call has_version and friends in parallel? Is
it legal for ebuilds to call has_version and friends after the ebuild
process has terminated? Discuss.

Ciaran McCreesh

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[gentoo-dev] Automated Package Removal and Addition Tracker, for the week ending 2007-12-30 23h59 UTC

2007-12-30 Thread Robin H. Johnson
The attached list notes all of the packages that were added or removed
from the tree, for the week ending 2007-12-30 23h59 UTC.

dev-libs/libcpml2007-12-27 11:56:48 armin76
dev-libs/libcxml2007-12-27 11:56:50 armin76
dev-lang/ccc2007-12-27 11:57:36 armin76
dev-lang/cfal   2007-12-27 11:57:38 armin76
dev-lang/cxx2007-12-27 11:57:39 armin76

dev-php/PEAR-HTTP_Session2  2007-12-24 12:41:42 armin76
dev-php/PEAR-Text_Highlighter   2007-12-24 14:44:13 armin76
x11-libs/qt-assistant   2007-12-24 14:52:28 caleb
dev-embedded/u-boot-tools   2007-12-24 21:17:06 vapier
dev-util/gitosis2007-12-25 10:50:21 robbat2
media-video/captury 2007-12-25 18:14:36 trapni
virtual/ada 2007-12-26 22:07:35 george
dev-ruby/ruby-dict  2007-12-27 13:38:02 flameeyes
app-shells/bashdb   2007-12-27 20:00:37 vapier
games-mud/wxmud 2007-12-28 02:32:00 leio
sci-libs/ipp2007-12-28 11:24:56 bicatali
net-libs/libtirpc   2007-12-29 08:58:18 vapier
net-nds/rpcbind 2007-12-29 09:13:54 vapier
net-libs/libasyncns 2007-12-29 17:37:35 flameeyes
sci-biology/finchtv 2007-12-30 00:47:40 je_fro
sci-chemistry/massxpert 2007-12-30 00:53:45 je_fro
sys-auth/nsvs   2007-12-30 02:51:09 chtekk
dev-dotnet/dbus-sharp   2007-12-30 03:14:17 compnerd
dev-dotnet/dbus-glib-sharp  2007-12-30 03:18:27 compnerd
dev-python/sqlitecachec 2007-12-30 10:01:07 vapier
www-apache/mod_auth_imap2   2007-12-30 17:13:58 hollow
www-apache/mod_auth_tkt 2007-12-30 17:28:16 hollow
x11-themes/nuvox2007-12-30 23:15:28 flameeyes

Robin Hugh Johnson
Gentoo Linux Developer
GnuPG FP   : 11AC BA4F 4778 E3F6 E4ED  F38E B27B 944E 3488 4E85
Removed Packages:
dev-libs/libcpml,removed,armin76,2007-12-27 11:56:48
dev-libs/libcxml,removed,armin76,2007-12-27 11:56:50
dev-lang/ccc,removed,armin76,2007-12-27 11:57:36
dev-lang/cfal,removed,armin76,2007-12-27 11:57:38
dev-lang/cxx,removed,armin76,2007-12-27 11:57:39
Added Packages:
dev-php/PEAR-HTTP_Session2,added,armin76,2007-12-24 12:41:42
dev-php/PEAR-Text_Highlighter,added,armin76,2007-12-24 14:44:13
x11-libs/qt-assistant,added,caleb,2007-12-24 14:52:28
dev-embedded/u-boot-tools,added,vapier,2007-12-24 21:17:06
dev-util/gitosis,added,robbat2,2007-12-25 10:50:21
media-video/captury,added,trapni,2007-12-25 18:14:36
virtual/ada,added,george,2007-12-26 22:07:35
dev-ruby/ruby-dict,added,flameeyes,2007-12-27 13:38:02
app-shells/bashdb,added,vapier,2007-12-27 20:00:37
games-mud/wxmud,added,leio,2007-12-28 02:32:00
sci-libs/ipp,added,bicatali,2007-12-28 11:24:56
net-libs/libtirpc,added,vapier,2007-12-29 08:58:18
net-nds/rpcbind,added,vapier,2007-12-29 09:13:54
net-libs/libasyncns,added,flameeyes,2007-12-29 17:37:35
sci-biology/finchtv,added,je_fro,2007-12-30 00:47:40
sci-chemistry/massxpert,added,je_fro,2007-12-30 00:53:45
sys-auth/nsvs,added,chtekk,2007-12-30 02:51:09
dev-dotnet/dbus-sharp,added,compnerd,2007-12-30 03:14:17
dev-dotnet/dbus-glib-sharp,added,compnerd,2007-12-30 03:18:27
dev-python/sqlitecachec,added,vapier,2007-12-30 10:01:07
www-apache/mod_auth_imap2,added,hollow,2007-12-30 17:13:58
www-apache/mod_auth_tkt,added,hollow,2007-12-30 17:28:16
x11-themes/nuvox,added,flameeyes,2007-12-30 23:15:28


[gentoo-dev] USE flag documentation

2007-12-30 Thread Mark Loeser
This is a very very rough draft/question about how we should move
forward with USE flag documentation and specification.  The entire idea
of a single USE flag having different meanings will need to be revisted
later.  I just want to get an idea of how we can document these
different meanings.  Please read my ideas here:


Let me know if you like any of those ideas, or if they all suck (and if
they do, you better tell me why).  I'm not sure which is the best way
forward, which is why I want everyone to contribute towards the best
solution moving forward.  I really don't want to be stuck with something
that is going to end up being a pain a year down the road.


Mark Loeser
email -   halcy0n AT gentoo DOT org
email -   mark AT halcy0n DOT com
web   -   http://www.halcy0n.com

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Re: [gentoo-dev] has_version etc parallelisability

2007-12-30 Thread Petteri R├Ąty
Ciaran McCreesh kirjoitti:
 Is it legal for ebuilds to call has_version and friends in parallel? Is
 it legal for ebuilds to call has_version and friends after the ebuild
 process has terminated? Discuss.

Do you/anybody know if they are used in parallel in the tree at the moment?


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Re: [gentoo-dev] has_version etc parallelisability

2007-12-30 Thread Alec Warner
On 12/30/07, Ciaran McCreesh [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 Is it legal for ebuilds to call has_version and friends in parallel? Is
 it legal for ebuilds to call has_version and friends after the ebuild
 process has terminated? Discuss.

If the pm implements read/write locking on the underlying datastore
(which it should probably have regardless of this request) then I
don't see a problem in parallel has_version calls.

I don't get your second example..do you mean the ebuild is running
has_version in the background and then terminating?

 Ciaran McCreesh

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[gentoo-dev] Re: Random items I'd like to discuss

2007-12-30 Thread Steve Long
Luca Barbato wrote:

 Some items I have in wishlist
 - LRDEPEND link runtime dep (I need to link against that in order to run)

I heartily concur with a link dependency, since it's such a fundamental
relationship between packages: if A links to B we need to recompile A when
the ABI for B changes. How useful is the distinction between runtime vs
buildtime in that respect? (I can't see the point of linking to something
if it's never used at runtime.)

 - BDEPEND build dep (I need those tools in order to build)

Agreed. I'd hope LDEPEND and BDEPEND could cover all current DEPEND uses.
Either you depend on something to be installed as you link to its headers
and use it at runtime, or you need the tool to build, eg make. (RDEPENDs
with no linkage, and hence no requirement to be installed at build-time,
and PDEPENDs to break circular chains are the ones I know about.) But I
don't know how that interacts with || DEPENDs.

wrt SUGGEST et al, I don't see why those can't be kept separately in
metadata.xml, if labelling isn't implemented, since they're only of use for
package selection, not depgraph resolution (as I understand it).

 - arch/ctarget support in deps (same way you have use deps)

Interesting idea.
 - explicit ctarget support in the package manager emerge --cross=target

Definitely, at least as much as we can do with the standard variables and
GNU make. So not everything will cross-compile, that's to be expected. It
would be cool to tie that into the tinderbox stuff that solar and
bonsaikitten have done, so that testing could be automated.

 - tools to explicitly manipulate sets

I must be missing something with these: they just seem like lists of
packages (which you might want updated together, or compiled with the same
set of flags etc.) That kind of stuff is more to do with scripting afaict,
than the core package manager. (eg using predefined files for any and all
configuration before compiling, and then resetting once the set is built.
Recovery issues aren't so bad if the user knows the machine has crashed and
runs the program to reset stuff before anything else is emerged.)

 long time ideas:
 - support cross, multiarch, multilib in a saner and seamless way

Yeah, even if it means building everything in a chroot, for development libs
at least. http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Multi-Distro-Dev/use.html (old) reminds me
of this; I found it the other day and it looked a lot like stuff we do in
Gentoo chroots.

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