[gentoo-dev] My project Gentoo

2008-02-09 Thread Oleg Puchinin
Hello! I develop project SilentBob ( http://silentbob.sf.net ). I would like to see SilentBob in Gentoo. Somebody can help me with it? Oleg. -- gentoo-dev@lists.gentoo.org mailing list

[gentoo-dev] Last rites: net-ftp/nvemftp

2008-02-09 Thread Wulf C. Krueger
# Wulf C. Krueger [EMAIL PROTECTED] (09 Feb 2008) # Masked for removal in 30 days. # nvemftp's last release was in 2003, we've already had # to patch it to even compile and now it doesn't even # work anymore. Upstream is dead. cf. bug 209412. net-ftp/nvemftp signature.asc Description: This is a