Re: [gentoo-dev] SLOTed MySQL or not?

2006-03-04 Thread Alexander Simonov

On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 11:28:32AM +, Francesco Riosa wrote:

Before to this to happen I'll try my best to close the greatest number
of bugs still open (many already are but not committed) and manage to
bring MySQL back to the unslotted version.

Yes.  12% [ 12 ]
No.   75% [ 72 ]
No preference. 11% [ 11 ]

I have one question:
Who answer NO on poll?
As for me slotted version of mysql is better for hosting companies.
I can present to client anothers versions of mysql:
4.1 and 5.0 for example
In php.ini for client i only change the port where mysql php module
connected and client have 5.0 for example, but others client have 4.1 as
default. I think it's have reason.
   WBR, Alexander Simonov (DEVL-UANIC)
   Ukrainian Gentoo Community Coordinator
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Re: [gentoo-dev] enable UTF8 per default?

2006-03-04 Thread Alexander Simonov

On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 01:24:26AM +0900, Kalin KOZHUHAROV wrote:

Well there are a few problems, but yes I cannot name them now.
Using Japanese, Cyrillic and English in a few encodings each is a big nightmare.

It's true! We in xUSSR use KOI8-R, KOI8-U, CP1251 ( aka Windows-1251),

Nowadays I try to move everything to UTF-8, but there are those windoze users
and webdevs that make all Japanese in Shift_JIS ... So support of wide range of
encodings is a must, but UTF-8 is the truth.

The only thing that's nasty: we don't have any good utf8-fonts for the console.

And not only the console.
Even for xterm there are not many good fonts (known to me) that display both 
and Cyrillic in regular and bold. Currently there is only on combination that 
works for me.

What about terminus and UniCyr (unicode font from console-tools-cyrillic)?
I am use this fonts and most of russian speaking people says what this
font is the best font for cyrilic charsets.
I am don't see any issues in fonts for me.

So fonts, font config and related stuff is what has to be fixed first.

   WBR, Alexander Simonov (DEVL-UANIC)
   Ukrainian Gentoo Community Coordinator
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Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: Gentoo Linux preinstalled

2005-10-14 Thread Alexander Simonov

What about mass instalation Gentoo?
Now it's how i know impossible, it's get more time.
Any one know technology for mass instalation Gentoo?
W/ NFS,HTTP or FTP instalation.
W/ X server, KDE or Gnome ?
W/ Office packages?
How i know RH and SuSE have this.
Thank you for ansver.

On Fri, 14.10.2005 10:12, Duncan wrote:
 Stefan Schweizer posted
 [EMAIL PROTECTED], excerpted
 below,  on Thu, 13 Oct 2005 23:33:57 +0200:

 I want to preinstall Gentoo Linux on some devices for customers. Do
 you have any tips for preinstallation, any scripts? What is the
 correct prcedure of doing so?
 Anyone knows of something like a sysprep script for linux that will
 ask the costumer for user  and passwort setup when he first switches
 on the PC?

 This is what the catalyst application does -- allow one to make their own
 customized LiveCD installers*, just like Gentoo does with each periodic
 snapshot release. The ebuild is in portage, and there's a catalyst
 specific mailing list, should you have any questions.


 * Presumably, they don't have to be CDs or CD images, but I've never used
 it personally and haven't chanced to see that specifically stated in
 threads such as this that I've come across, so can't say for sure.

  WBR, Alexander Simonov
  Ukrainian Gentoo Community Coordinator

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Re: [gentoo-dev] News on PHP5 support on Gentoo

2005-07-29 Thread Alexander Simonov
цитата от=Stuart Herbert
 We're working to provide support for both PHP4 and PHP5 running on the
 same box.  At the moment, this work is available in a tarball overlay
 [1], along with a number of supporting eselect modules [2],[3],[4].  The
 overlay contains new dev-lang/php packages, and PHP extensions under
 dev-php4/ and dev-php5 categories.

 The new dev-lang/php package in the overlay replaces dev-php/php,
 dev-php/php-cgi, and dev-php/mod_php.  The overlay uses a single package
 to deliver all three SAPIs.  The package is SLOTed, allowing PHP4 and
 PHP5 to be installed on the same box at the same time.

 The new dev-lang/php package provides two virtuals:

 * virtual/php - means that the php CLI SAPI is installed
 * virtual/httpd-php - means that php-cgi or mod_php is installed

 There are packages in Portage which currently (R)DEPEND on dev-php/php
 or dev-php/mod_php.  When this overlay has been added to Portage, we'll
 need to fix all of these packages to (R)DEPEND on the virtuals instead.

 In the overlay, PHP extensions move from dev-php into dev-php4/ and
 dev-php5 categories.  Install packages from dev-php4/ if you want to use
 them for PHP4, and from dev-php5/ if you want to use them for PHP5.  The
 category names are provisional; we may go with php4-ext and php5-ext
 when we add all of this stuff into the Portage tree.

 We're part-way through adding all the extensions to the overlay.

 The dev-lang/php package installs into /usr/lib/php[45]/, and does not
 install the php or php-cgi binaries into /usr/bin.  We've written three
 modules for eselect, which you can use to make /usr/bin/php et al
 symlink either to PHP4 or PHP5 as you wish.  The symlinks are not needed
 by any of the packages in the overlay.

 PEAR support is next on the list.  We will make the overlay work with
 the existing dev-php/PEAR-* packages in Portage.  dev-php/PEAR-PEAR will
 install the 'pear' command; it won't be installed by dev-lang/php (we'll
 make dev-lang/php RDEPEND on dev-php/PEAR-PEAR so that pear continues to
 be installed by default).

 After that, we have a lot of testing to do, some documentation to write,
 and we need to decide on the best way to add these packages into Portage
 to replace the existing PHP packages.  Nothing has been decided yet, but
 it would make sense for the dev-php/php-4* packages and the new
 dev-lang/php package to both exist as stable packages for a transitional
 period, whilst the masked dev-php/php-5* packages would be dropped in
 favour of the dev-lang/php package.

 Once the packages are in the Portage tree, it will take a bit of time to
 mark them stable.  We hope to have x86 and ppc stable a month or so
 after the release of php-5.1.0, but that is an aspiration, not a

 To keep up to date with the latest news on this work, follow my blog
 postings [5].  The best way to provide feedback is to pop into
 #gentoo-apache on

You are greate man

WBR, Alexander Simonov
Ukrainian Gentoo Community Coordinator

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Re: [gentoo-dev] mysql-4.1.12 call for testers

2005-05-17 Thread Alexander Simonov
Francesco Riosa wrote:
 Lance Albertson wrote:
 Robin H. Johnson wrote:
 Many thanks to Francesco Riosa [EMAIL PROTECTED] for his
  hard work in dealing with MySQL-4.1. He's joining Gentoo soon as a new
  developer to help maintain MySQL for the 4.1 and 5.0 series, and
  hopefully also providing a package for the official MySQL AB binaries.
 Great work! I used his 4.1.11 ebuild recently and everything seems to work
 pretty well. I'll see if I can try the 4.1.12 ebuild soon. Upgrades within
  the 4.1.x series shouldn't be painful right?
It's all grate! But how about mysql 5 ?
And wath about spliting mysq into mysql-server and mysql-client how it do  
like in FreeBSD.

WBR, Alexander Simonov (AS1199-UANIC | DEVL-UANIC)
Ukrainian Gentoo Community Domain Coordinator
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