Re: [gentoo-dev] Pending Removal of $KV

2006-06-19 Thread Arek (James Potts)
Alec Warner wrote: Georgi Georgiev wrote: maillog: 19/06/2006-11:13:33(+): Alec Warner types Portage currently exports $KV as the current kernel version. We detect this by attempting to mess around with the things in /usr/src/linux (.config, make files, etc...) This is duplicating the

Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: using specific gcc-version in ebuild

2006-06-16 Thread Arek (James Potts)
Sven Köhler wrote: some software, like qemu and others, are simply not compatible with gcc 4.x and they will not become compatible due to severe conceptional issues. then they stay broken ... add a warning to the ebuild if `gcc-major-version` is 4 (see toolchain-funcs.eclass) Hmm,

Re: [gentoo-dev] virtual/x11-7* hides real bugs and breaks good ebuilds

2006-06-07 Thread Arek (James Potts)
Donnie Berkholz wrote: Jakub Moc wrote: =virtual/x11-7 is hiding breakage in ebuilds that are not ported for modular X. I couldn't agree more, but I was forced to add this rather than allow unported ebuilds to break. Thanks, Donnie Hmmm...Looks to me like it would be a