[gentoo-dev] links between anoncvs.g.o and sources.g.o

2008-12-20 Thread Jonas Bernoulli
Hi May I suggest that you add links so that anoncvs.g.o and sources.g.o link to one another. Users might find one of those pages and think that's all there is to it. However both of the pages contain information not available on the other. anoncvs.g.o mentions git and rsync, and sources.g.o allow

Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: bzr.eclass into Portage

2008-10-05 Thread Jonas Bernoulli
the bazaar DSCM (distributed source control management system). # The eclass was originally derived from the git eclass. +# Shared repository support added by Jonas Bernoulli [EMAIL PROTECTED]. # # Note: Just set EBZR_REPO_URI to the url of the branch and the src_unpack # this eclass provides

Re: [gentoo-portage-dev] please explain use of hooks

2008-03-02 Thread Jonas Bernoulli
On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 7:38 PM, Zac Medico [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: When portage is installed with USE=doc enabled, you'll find that there is a small Ebuild Phase Hooks section in the first chapter of the html documentation. thx. I never bothered looking there as I have always assumed that

[gentoo-portage-dev] please explain use of hooks

2008-03-01 Thread Jonas Bernoulli
Hello I was aware that the alternative package managers provide hooks for some time now, but only found out recently that portage also has this feature. Unfortunately I was not able to find any documentation about it. I found some information related to hooks in portage on this list and elsewhere

Re: R: [gentoo-portage-dev] manual uninstall

2008-02-14 Thread Jonas Bernoulli
On 2/14/08, Lanza Fabrizio [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I cannot issue a direct emerge command because catalyst does not support it. If the stage supports it you can use N/fsscript. Or if you want to unmerge the package at the beginning of the loop you could modify

Re: [gentoo-dev] new portage categories

2008-02-04 Thread Jonas Bernoulli
On 2/4/08, Donnie Berkholz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Sounds like what you really want are tags, not categories ... Yes and no. tags would definitely be better than subcategories. But for some packages a new category would probably still make sense like app-scm (

[gentoo-dev] new portage categories

2008-02-04 Thread Jonas Bernoulli
Hello Recently I started to exclude parts of the portage tree for various reasons. One of them is that I play with the thought of creating my own minidistro/livecd based on Gentoo. So keep in mind that I don't think that it is in general useful to trim the portage tree to the extend that I have.

Re: [gentoo-dev] new portage categories

2008-02-04 Thread Jonas Bernoulli
On 2/4/08, Donnie Berkholz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On 20:11 Mon 04 Feb , Jonas Bernoulli wrote: Thinking about it again I would say tags and categories just fulfill different purposes. Tags can not replace categories but might be a useful extension to categories for the tasks I