[gentoo-dev] [RFC] New go.gentoo.org url shortener

2020-12-08 Thread Max Magorsch
Hi all, the tl;dr is that I've set up a new url shortener which is available on https://go.gentoo.org/ currently. It can generate short links like 'go.gentoo.org/XXX' or you can create custom persistent links like 'go.gentoo.org/arzano/tyrian' or 'go.gentoo.org/infra/hashicorp'. Basically, I'm

[gentoo-dev] New customization options available on packages.g.o

2020-10-06 Thread Max Magorsch
Hi all, the tl;dr is that new customization options are available on packages.gentoo.org. On the right side of the navigation bar you will find a new link to the preferences pages. On these pages it's possible to customize different parts of packages.g.o to your needs. For example, it's possible

[gentoo-dev] RFC: pgo - a command line interface for packages.g.o

2020-09-01 Thread Max Magorsch
Hi all, The tl;dr is that I'm glad to announce pgo[0] - a command-line interface for packages.gentoo.org and I'm looking for your feedback here. Some more information: Some time ago I announced the new packages.g.o GraphQL API. Now, pgo is using this API to display information about packages

Re: [gentoo-dev] Improving warnings on packages.g.o

2020-08-27 Thread Max Magorsch
On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 12:10 PM Alexis Ballier wrote: > Any plans on using the remoteid from metadata.xml ? > It's likely to be much more accurate since people have been filling > those manually for some time now ;) > I think we could use the remoteid in future to improve the repology warnings.

Re: [gentoo-dev] Improving warnings on packages.g.o

2020-08-27 Thread Max Magorsch
On Thu, Aug 27, 2020 at 12:00 PM Nils Freydank wrote: > > Hi, > > thanks for the work around p.g.o! I'd directly like to use your opt out for a > package I maintain in proxied mode: > > The following changes since commit b1e0b4c9ec76049631cbb0a2d3798adbce2075ac: > > Ignore

[gentoo-dev] Improving warnings on packages.g.o

2020-08-26 Thread Max Magorsch
Hi all, Good news regarding packages.g.o! While the new packages.g.o version went into production some time ago, this also led to some false warnings about outdated package versions. This is because we currently take information about outdated package versions from repology.org, which are not

[gentoo-dev] RFC: packages.g.o: new features available

2020-07-07 Thread Max Magorsch
Hi all, I am glad to announce further progress at packages.gentoo.org (pgo in the following). Compared to previous work during the last months, which mostly addressed the back end, the new changes are rather comprehensive. That's why I am looking forward to feedback here. So the tl;dr is that

Re: [gentoo-dev] RFC: packages.gentoo.org Developer Mode

2020-06-30 Thread Max Magorsch
Hi Aaron, Thanks for your suggestion. On Tue, Jun 30, 2020 at 1:16 AM Aaron Bauman wrote: > Hi, Max. A couple thoughts... Just let me know if they are too crazy. > > 1. Could you enable the backend to ping devs/projects via email when a new > release is available for their respective

[gentoo-dev] Migration of Tyrian from Bootstrap to Foundation

2020-06-29 Thread Max Magorsch
Hi all, I want to propose the migration of Tyrian from Bootstrap[0] to Foundation[1]. Before I continue, some background information: Tyrian is the unified gentoo.org theme. It's currently based on Bootstrap, which in turn is a front-end framework. Bootstrap is especially famous for its ready to

[gentoo-dev] RFC: packages.gentoo.org Developer Mode

2020-06-29 Thread Max Magorsch
Hi, Some time ago, the idea of integrating packages.g.o with pkgcheck and repology.org came up. There have already been some discussions in bug 725702 and 725704 regarding this. The tl;dr is that the packages.g.o backend does now parse both the pkgcheck results as well as the repology.org data.

[gentoo-dev] packages.gentoo.org GraphQL API

2020-06-29 Thread Max Magorsch
Hi all, Today I want to announce the new public GraphQL API for packages.g.o. While we already had some different REST endpoints in the past, these endpoints were neither documented nor specified. The behaviour of these endpoints even changed over time due to the lacking specification. Instead