Re: [gentoo-dev] devs on IRC (was :Regen2 ( was QA Overlay Layout support ))

2009-03-13 Thread Michael Higgins
On Fri, 13 Mar 2009 11:09:04 -0700
Donnie Berkholz wrote:

 On 19:06 Wed 11 Mar , Thilo Bangert wrote:
the presumption seems to be, that as a dev one has to be
available via IRC. it has long been my feeling that Gentoo as a
project could realize more of its potential by better
integrating people who dont do IRC.
 I think IRC helps to build a more tightly knit community and, because
 of this, is very important to Gentoo. The less close we are as a
 community, the more free we feel to be hostile because we don't see
 the folks on the other end of the big tube as real people. It's much
 like a technique that militaries use during wars to de-personalize
 the enemy, except with the Internet, we start that way and have to
 apply effort to grow closer.

This is an interesting point you raise, though I don't think it applies in this 

I believe, rather, that the issue is the 'community' appears more like a 
'cabal' when the discussions take place on #IRC and therefore aren't available 
in public archives.

Even if they are, an IRC log is a *terrible* way to document an issue.

Since the discussion is Re: '*DEVS* on IRC', I think the problem should be 

You all get more closely knit, perhaps, yet appear to do more *in secret*. 
There is *no way* to find out what is going on, without becoming part of the 
problem... by asking, or lurking, on IRC. This is bad.

Example? After months of searching for a reason, after seeing many apparently 
random updates to a previously stable tree of perl modules, I happen to keep an 
IRC session log which shows with this FSCKING USEFUL TIDBIT:

... no motivated developers. the perl team completely vanished.

Anyone considering using Gentoo should KNOW that, if they use perl in any 
substantive way. Wouldn't you agree?

Now, why isn't there a discussion about this on the gentoo-perl mailing list? 
Not even a post from some DEV with a cry for HELP? If there's a problem, *who* 
is doing *what* to address it, and *where*? 

Oh, right, there's *some* discussion on IRC... 

Anyway, it's just one example. In this case, I'd be glad to see *some* 
documentation of the (apparent total) collapse of the 'perl team' and what is 
being proposed to fix the problem, *without* having to become part of the cabal.

Since there is a mailing list dedicated for discussions of perl and gentoo, 
that seems the most logical place to air the dirty laundry and announce/discuss 
the plan for moving forward. IMO.


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Re: [gentoo-dev] A Little Council Reform Anyone?

2009-07-02 Thread Michael Higgins
On Wed, 01 Jul 2009 19:33:52 -0700
Ned Ludd wrote:

 My only intention was to help offset
 dev-zero being able force the will of outside forces upon us. 
 Well that has been accomplished for now (w00t).

What is this all about? Did I miss something? Was Gentoo threatened with 


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Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: [rfc] layman storage location (again)

2010-01-16 Thread Michael Higgins
On Sat, 16 Jan 2010 19:57:39 +0100
Peter Hjalmarsson wrote:

 lör 2010-01-16 klockan 19:31 +0100 skrev Jörg Schaible: wrote:
   On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 01:57:38PM +0100, Ben de Groot wrote:
   2010/1/16 Peter Volkov
layman cache is nfs distributable. Also it's good idea to have
it close to PORTDIR. Thus I'd like to keep it somewhere
at /usr.
   I'd like both to be under /var/
   I _use_ both under /var/. In my config
   PORTDIR_OVERLAY=/var/repos/{many directories} and
   PORTDIR=/var/repos/gentoo. /usr/ is too crazy place for
   ebuilds. IMHO.
  Same for me. I have PORTDIR also beneath /var ...
  - Jörg
 Me too. I consider /usr/portage as one of those design flaws/thinkos
 that are left behind since noone are ready to take the blame and
 flames of all those who do not want to read elog-messages/announces
 and alike and want to raise hell if somethings changes they are note
 prepared for.

Yes, PORTDIR default location under /usr was a totally stupid thing.
Please don't repeat it...

I have all portage under it's own partition, but /var/portage is
probably a more acceptable default, IMO.

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Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: perl eclass review - EAPI=3 + new helper eclass

2010-04-04 Thread Michael Higgins
On Sat, 3 Apr 2010 12:33:48 +0200
Torsten Veller wrote:

  perl people use `perldoc` anyway.

Yep. Why have a man page for a perl module? OTOH, if there is something
that goes in /usr/bin, it should get a man page if there is one. But
not for the modules themselves -- that's not needed at all.

Just my $0.02.

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