[gentoo-dev] Is bugzilla used by all developers?

2007-04-26 Thread @4u
Hi I just wanted to ask if bugzilla is used by all developers, in this case specific by kernel developers? I created a bug some time ago concerning a known issue with the SCSI/libata subsystem that may result in a breaking harddrive (depending how old the harddrive already is).

[gentoo-dev] Re: [ANNOUNCE] Project Sunrise - Alternative?

2006-06-09 Thread @4u
Hi again as written below I think it makes more sense for Project sunrise to redefine it a bit. It seems to be clear that currently noone is happy with the Sunrise Project. There is one huge disadvantage for end users like me: If we decide to use an overlay package (because we need / want

[gentoo-dev] Problems with virtual/x11

2006-06-07 Thread @4u
for the Modular X.org because otherwise you would have two meta ebuilds that will maybe cause more trouble in the future. Thanks and best regards @4u -- gentoo-dev@gentoo.org mailing list