Re: [gentoo-dev] GNU Guix

2020-09-29 Thread Cuckoo's Calling
Hi Marcel,

> IMHO, it is a great package manager, especially when being concerned
> about (bit-wise) reproducibility, 'slotting' various versions and fast
> movement with low risk (reversible upgrades).
> The one feature I miss compared to portage is the configuration via USE
> flags: One could patch Guix package definitions to add compile to flags
> etc, but you can't simply let the package manager resolve the
> dependencies for you.

You are so naive and I couldn't stop laughing.

Did you even watch my presentation?

Cuckoo's Calling.

[gentoo-dev] GNU Guix

2020-09-29 Thread Cuckoo's Calling
Hello All,

I came across an amazing project called GNU Guix.

So, I made an animation to introduce the novel concepts of this project.

Here is the link for the video,

Please leave me a feedback on your experience.

Cuckoo's Calling.