Re: [gentoo-dev] CFLAGS paragraph submission for the GWN

2006-10-08 Thread Dice R. Random

On 10/8/06, Lionel Bouton [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Here's a draft of a paragraph discussing CFLAGS-related problems. This
is the result of a discussion I started on gentoo-dev. Thanks to all
devs who gave feedback this should bring some food for thought to GWN

Hi Lionel,

Thanks for writing this up, great job.  Nitpicking spelling and
grammar points to follow ;)

configurability that are hallmarks of the uri
link= Gentoo experience/uri.

Extra space before Gentoo here.

for most users. There's usually very little benefit, high risks and much
time spent on frustating tuning that could be enjoyed doing far more
interesting things.

frustating should be frustrating

pExample of this are :/p

Should be plural: Examples

lic-fforce-addr/c and c-fweb/c break regularly on x86 with
video libraries or graphic processing apps which use hand-optimised ASM.
c-fweb/c may be safe on amd64 but like above no guarantees/li

optimised should be optimized

For example c-ffast-math/c is added by the xmame/xmess ebuilds on
most architectures even tho you SHOULD NOT put it in your CFLAGS./li

tho should be though
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Re: [gentoo-dev] New project: Gentoo Seeds

2006-09-21 Thread Dice R. Random

On 9/21/06, Wernfried Haas [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Please keep in mind that only a few of the approximately 300 Gentoo
developers are taking part in this discussion and only a few of them
actually seem to get a bit more heated than it should be.
If you think they are behaving poorly, feel free to think so, but
remember that they do not entirely represent Gentoo.

I agree entirely, however I also think that the actions of a few can
be magnified in the public's eye and reflect upon a the whole group.

I think that many (most?) people would agree that in both this
discussion and the one surrounding the Sunrise project lines have been
crossed.  The Etiquette Policy [1] specifies that ... as a developer,
what you say and do reflects upon Gentoo and the project as a whole.
We just require you to be equally respectful to developers and users
alike, and to value the opinion of everybody - even if you think it's
totally wrong.


What control mechanisms are there within the Gentoo community to keep
a few bad apples from spoiling the whole barrel, as it were?  I do not
wish to name any names, but it seems to me from having skimmed this
list for the past few years that there are a couple people who are
continually embroiled in flame wars and, in my opinion, are bringing
discredit to Gentoo in general and the developers in particular.
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Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: Proper commit messages

2005-08-10 Thread Dice R. Random
On 8/10/05, Alin Nastac [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 Mike Frysinger wrote:
 also, four tabs rule
 you are obviously wrong. three is the magic number ;)

Who cares as long as they're tabs?

:set ts=3

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