[gentoo-dev] Re: [gentoo-dev-announce] Packages up for grabs -- xmerlin, yoswink, chtekk, omp, tantive, mueli, bluebird, hncaldwell, caleb

2010-06-02 Thread Diego E . “FlameeyesPettenò
I'll ufficialize it later (I'm not home), but I'll take the ec2 packages for necessity. Il giorno 02/giu/2010 12:04, Torsten Veller t...@gentoo.org ha scritto: Here's a bunch of packages up for grabs, due to maintainers retiring.. maintainer-needed - app-admin/ec2-ami-tools

Re: [gentoo-dev] rewritten epatch

2010-01-09 Thread Diego E . “FlameeyesPettenò
i'm guessing you havent seen any problems then Sorry forgot to notice you, nope the tinderbox completed the run, and restarted now, no problem at all. -- Diego Flameeyes Pettenò - flamee...@gmail.com Free Software developer and consultant http://blog.flameeyes.eu/

[gentoo-dev] Re: Remember: workarounds don't warrant RESO FIXED!

2008-11-19 Thread Diego E. 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
Ryan Hill [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Also relevant question: some tests require root privileges. What we should do in such case? When I asked this previously I was told to check the current user's permissions before running them. I haven't had a case where I've had to though. On libarchive