Re: [gentoo-dev] De-stabilizing and re-stabilizing (on amd64 only)

2020-05-09 Thread Hans de Graaff
On Fri, 2020-05-08 at 13:33 +0300, Andreas K. Hüttel wrote: > > Background, I tried to locally emulate www.g.o using jekyll, and ran > into > troubles because lots of dev-ruby/* lost stable keywords. Newest > ~arch didn't > do the job, so I needed to figure out the config of www.g.o >

[gentoo-dev] De-stabilizing and re-stabilizing (on amd64 only)

2020-05-08 Thread Andreas K . Hüttel
Hi all, quite some packages were un-stabilized across the tree recently. In general that is in my opinion a good thing if it helps us keep up, in particular where many arches are involved. What's the general opinion on re-stabilizing things on *amd64* only? I would say that maintaining a