[gentoo-dev] svn.overlays migration/downtime

2008-10-11 Thread Robin H. Johnson
Hi Folks, At some point over this weekend (we haven't pinned an exact time yet, details to follow), there's going to be a ~5-minute outage of overlays SVN service to move SVN onto the new server. Bug reports for items not listed here should go to bugzilla (Product: Infra, Component: Other) The

Re: [gentoo-dev] Projects without a homepage, and valid contents of HOMEPAGE (per bug 239268)

2008-10-11 Thread Peter Volkov
В Пнд, 06/10/2008 в 15:59 +0200, Robert Buchholz пишет: On Sunday 05 October 2008, Thilo Bangert wrote: HOMEPAGE=http://this-package-has-no-homepage.gentoo.org/; Why not use our package site for this, i.e. HOMEPAGE=http://packages.gentoo.org/package/${CAT}/${PN}; This is not homepage.