[gentoo-dev] Lastrites: media-libs/libdvb, sys-cluster/drbd, dev-lang/blassic, app-text/nfoview, dev-python/ssh, media-gfx/aqsis...

2017-12-28 Thread Pacho Ramos
# Pacho Ramos (28 Dec 2017) # Dead since 2005, nothing requires it, installs object files in # /usr/share/doc (#451792). Removal in a month. media-libs/libdvb # Pacho Ramos (28 Dec 2017) # This was replaced by sys-cluster/drbd-utils (#590872), reverse deps

Re: [gentoo-dev] [PATCH 1/1] profiles: drop USE=cracklib from base/make.defaults.

2017-12-28 Thread Michael Orlitzky
We now have IUSE="+cracklib" in sys-apps/shadow, sys-auth/pambase, and sys-libs/pam (thanks robbat2). Does that address everyone's concerns? Enough so that I can revert the revert without anyone reverting the revert revert?

[gentoo-dev] LINGUAS to be removed from USE_EXPAND

2017-12-28 Thread Ulrich Mueller
Last year we had announced introduction of a new L10N variable intended to replace LINGUAS as a USE_EXPAND variable [1]. Since then, many packages have been converted to the new variable. The next step in the conversion will be removal of LINGUAS from USE_EXPAND, which means that LINGUAS will