Re: [gentoo-dev] rewritten epatch

2010-01-09 Thread Diego E . “Flameeyes” Pettenò
i'm guessing you havent seen any problems then Sorry forgot to notice you, nope the tinderbox completed the run, and restarted now, no problem at all. -- Diego Flameeyes Pettenò - Free Software developer and consultant

[gentoo-dev] Re: [gentoo-dev-announce] Packages up for grabs -- xmerlin, yoswink, chtekk, omp, tantive, mueli, bluebird, hncaldwell, caleb

2010-06-02 Thread Diego E . “Flameeyes” Pettenò
I'll ufficialize it later (I'm not home), but I'll take the ec2 packages for necessity. Il giorno 02/giu/2010 12:04, Torsten Veller ha scritto: Here's a bunch of packages up for grabs, due to maintainers retiring.. maintainer-needed - app-admin/ec2-ami-tools

[gentoo-dev] Re: Remember: workarounds don't warrant RESO FIXED!

2008-11-19 Thread Diego E. 'Flameeyes' Pettenò
Ryan Hill [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Also relevant question: some tests require root privileges. What we should do in such case? When I asked this previously I was told to check the current user's permissions before running them. I haven't had a case where I've had to though. On libarchive

[gentoo-dev] Last rites for net-misc/udhcp and sys-apps/tinylogin

2008-12-23 Thread Diego E. 'Flameeyes'
The two packages are now superseded by busybox, and as discussed with solar, they are bound to disappear from Portage in the usual 30 days. If somebody is interested in them please pick them up. -- Diego Flameeyes Pettenò signature.asc Description: This is a