Re: [gentoo-dev] Nominations open for the Gentoo Council 2007

2006-07-11 Thread Jose Luis Rivero (YosWinK)
Mike Frysinger wrote: well it's about that time of the year ... time for nominating people for the next Gentoo Council I would like to nominate kloeri (Bryan Østergaard) to the council if he has enough free time and if his devrel lead position (where his work is priceless) doesn't

Re: [gentoo-dev] New Developer: Lukasz Damentko

2005-09-11 Thread Jose Luis Rivero (YosWinK)
Sven Vermeulen wrote: On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 12:21:30AM +0200, Jan Kundrát wrote: internal GDP joke Is staking, poking out of the eyes and burning of hands considered a warm welcome? :-) /internal GDP joke Must have missed a few memo's. I thought only YoswinK was allowed to do this. You

Re: [gentoo-dev] Monthly Gentoo Council Reminder for May

2007-05-01 Thread Jose Luis Rivero (YosWinK)
Petteri Räty wrote: Mike Frysinger kirjoitti: If you have something you'd wish for us to chat about, maybe even vote on, let us know ! Simply reply to this e-mail for the whole Gentoo dev list to see. I would like the council to remind everyone that this is not appropriate for any team:

[gentoo-dev] Gentoo/Alpha status

2007-06-09 Thread Jose Luis Rivero (YosWinK)
Hi all: After kloeri's leaving, the Gentoo/Alpha crew wants to make a little note about the status of the arch team: Devs: - - armin(general keywording) - ferdy(general keywording and AT program) - spb (selinux stuff) - stefaan (openAFS) - wolf (release stuff and

Re: [gentoo-dev] Nominations open for the Gentoo Council 2007/08

2007-07-17 Thread Jose Luis Rivero (YosWinK)
I'm missing some people in the nominees list which everytime they appear is to give solutions or ideas in a positive way, what for me is a pleasure to find: dsd (Daniel Drake) lu_zero (Luca Barbato) zmedico (Zac Medico) Thanks. -- Jose Luis Rivero [EMAIL PROTECTED] Gentoo/Doc