Re: [gentoo-dev] Default Ebuild behaviour

2006-02-01 Thread Rob Holland
On Tue, 2006-01-31 at 12:15 -0800, Donnie Berkholz wrote: I finally came up with an idea for this that satisfies my desire to not recompile the package to get e.g. a logrotate file. Have the flag control whether it's installed to /etc or to /usr/share/doc. +1 signature.asc Description: This

[gentoo-dev] Gentoo-based sysadmin job

2006-02-28 Thread Rob Holland
Hi peeps, LINX ( are looking for a sys-admin with excellent Gentoo knowledge. Hardened toolchain and/or grsec experience are considered a big plus. You will act as the Gentoo guru for the IT department and are expected to be very comfortably with Gentoo on servers. Where you

[gentoo-dev] I'm retiring

2006-05-17 Thread Rob Holland
Hey all, As I've done very little Gentoo work in last few months and have generally lost interest in Gentoo, I'll be retiring. If you need to reach me you can find me at [EMAIL PROTECTED], or on IRC where I'll continue to sit in #gentoo-audit. Credit to the security/audit team for being fun

[gentoo-dev] Linux World Expo UK 2005

2005-04-08 Thread Rob Holland
please. Cheers muchly -- rob holland - [ [EMAIL PROTECTED] ] - Gentoo Audit Team [ 5251 4FAC D684 8845 5604 E44F D65C 392F D91B 4729 ] -- mailing list

[gentoo-dev] bacula needs lovin'!

2005-05-22 Thread Rob Holland
Ey peeps, Can someone please take a look at the bacula ebuilds, they really do suck and have several open bugs. Quite how any of them are marked stable I dunno. They could use a new maintainer, seems zul is now inactive. Cheers, Rob -- rob holland - [ [EMAIL PROTECTED] ] - Gentoo Audit Team

Re: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo metastructure reform poll is open

2005-06-08 Thread Rob Holland
On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 08:59:34AM -0700, Jim Northrup wrote: might I suggest not kicking #gentoo-dev visitors who ask for voice to speak to the devs without a 'rtfm go get a gentoo job' smokescreen ? Sorry, I've missed how that's relevant to Gentoo metastructure..? -- rob holland - [ [EMAIL

Re: [gentoo-dev] bacula needs lovin'!

2005-06-16 Thread Rob Holland
A few people stepped up to help with this, but nothing visible has happened. Is work being done on this? -- rob holland - [ [EMAIL PROTECTED] ] - Gentoo Audit Team [ 5251 4FAC D684 8845 5604 E44F D65C 392F D91B 4729 ] -- mailing list

[gentoo-dev] UK Linux Expo

2005-09-19 Thread Rob Holland
All, This is a gentle reminder that the UK Linux Expo is on 5th-6th October at Olympia, London. Gentoo will have a (small) booth at the expo, so if you are interested in being in the booth (dev's only I'm afraid) please let me know. I will be drawing up a rota on Wednesday, so if you've not

[gentoo-dev] [Fwd: LinuxWorld Expo Lonix After hours party]

2005-09-21 Thread Rob Holland
Heya, I intend to go to along to this and I recommend any Gentoo users/devs come along for a beer and a chat as well. Good chance to come and ask questions over an ale :) -- Forwarded message -- Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 16:17:32 GMT From: Tushar Joshi [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: GLLUG

[gentoo-dev] UK Expo rota and opening times

2005-09-28 Thread Rob Holland
boo. So, the devs who have confirmed that they are going are: Definitely both days: tigger, lcars, slarti, cryos, tomk (Possibly) Wednesday only: strerror, herbs If you aren't on that list and should be tell me. I've made a lame rota thing for manning the booth, I've been as fair as I could.