R: [gentoo-portage-dev] manual uninstall

2008-02-14 Thread Lanza Fabrizio
portage maintains installed package information in /var/db/pkg/ -mike Thanks, I will try this. If I delete the package info there, will portage thing that the package is not installed, right? Er, manually meaning 'I want to delete anything it installed by hand'? or 'I want to run the phases by

Re: R: [gentoo-portage-dev] manual uninstall

2008-02-14 Thread Jonas Bernoulli
On 2/14/08, Lanza Fabrizio [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I cannot issue a direct emerge command because catalyst does not support it. If the stage supports it you can use N/fsscript. Or if you want to unmerge the package at the beginning of the loop you could modify