Re: [gentoo-user] black console w/ 3.2.0-rc7

2012-01-06 Thread Johannes Kimmel
On 12/29/2011 04:32 PM, Stefan G. Weichinger wrote: Very likely a FAQ but I can't find it right now: wanted to try linux 3.2.0-rc7 (by emerging git-sources) ... used my old config and it built OK. It also boots OK but very soon it gets simply black, no console, no xdm. I am able to ssh into

Re: [gentoo-user] Any way to get real text console without killing X capability?

2011-02-03 Thread Johannes Kimmel
utilities that will allow me to modify lat1-?? fonts to generate bigger versions? Maybe you should also try using a tiling-window-manager like awesome or xmonad. This way you can easily switch between consoles and most x-terminals support a lot of fonts. Johannes Kimmel

Re: [gentoo-user] Remove redundant entries in world - howto

2010-12-08 Thread Johannes Kimmel
depclean. So this type of work might only be done by hand. Johannes Kimmel

Re: [gentoo-user] firefox-bin optimizations?

2010-09-30 Thread Johannes Kimmel
assuming that it would follow upstream optimizations, but maybe it doesn't. I thought firefox-bin is a 32-bit binary. If you are using a 64-bit gentoo it is likely you self compiled version is a lot bigger. Regards Johannes Kimmel

Re: [gentoo-user] emerge 32bits on 64bits platform

2010-08-16 Thread Johannes Kimmel
nspluginwrapper. That should at least answer one question :) Greetings Johannes Kimmel

Re: [gentoo-user] Maximizing memory with 32bit

2010-06-02 Thread Johannes Kimmel
Wonko Probably your graphicscard uses the rest of the memory. Johannes Kimmel

Re: [gentoo-user] Re: can't create file but disk isn't full

2010-05-08 Thread Johannes Kimmel
On 05/09/2010 01:39 AM, Crístian Viana wrote: I shutdown this computer everyday, those temp files shouldn't be alive for months. I ran lsof | grep deleted and it returned 132 lines, the biggest number being 2032226 (2 MB?), belonging to the Chromium browser process. even if every line had that

Re: [gentoo-user] Recompile system but omit package?

2010-04-18 Thread Johannes Kimmel
Tanstaafl wrote: On 2010-04-17 6:29 PM, Tanstaafl wrote: On 2010-04-17 6:06 PM, Vincent Launchbury wrote: On 04/17/10 17:09, Tanstaafl wrote: On 2010-04-17 4:59 PM, Tanstaafl wrote: emerge system -gcc (where '-gcc' serves to tell portage to compile everything *but* gcc)? Of course I meant:

Re: [gentoo-user] CPU choking under high load

2010-03-26 Thread Johannes Kimmel
Paul Hartman wrote: On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 5:43 PM, Dale wrote: Daniel Quinn wrote: I don't know if this is a hardware issue or not, but I thought that maybe I'd configured my kernel incorrectly and that this might be a known issue someone here has run across in the past

Re: [gentoo-user] [OT crypto] How to encrypt a directory without root?

2010-01-01 Thread Johannes Kimmel
Harry Putnam wrote: I want to encrypt a directory heirarchy on a remote machine where I don't have root. I can use either an openbsd, or gentoo remote. Encfs could also be interesting for you. Johannes

Re: [gentoo-user] kde 4.3.4 crashing after login

2009-12-06 Thread Johannes Kimmel
Kenneth Prugh wrote: On Sun, 06 Dec 2009 00:26:32 +0100 Johannes Kimmel wrote: There's a discussion on the forum about this issue currently at Reports that downgrading hal to 0.5.13-r2 fixes the issue (it did for me

[gentoo-user] kde 4.3.4 crashing after login

2009-12-05 Thread Johannes Kimmel
Hi, after yesterday's update kde won't work anymore. After login I get a message, that plasma-desktop got an segfault. I tried to move the .kde folders somewhere else to start from a clean configuration, but it won't help. Starting kde as root (startx - startkde) works somehow. I'm little out

Re: [gentoo-user] where can I find USE flags description?

2009-11-20 Thread Johannes Kimmel
Jarry wrote: Hi, I want to emerge a certain package, let's say x11-base/xorg-drivers, so I try first emerge --pretend xorg-drivers and find it has ~50 various use-flags (some set, some unset). Where can I find their description? For example vmmouse, what is this USE flag good for? Is it

Re: [gentoo-user] where can I find USE flags description?

2009-11-20 Thread Johannes Kimmel
Stroller wrote: On 20 Nov 2009, at 10:05, Johannes Kimmel wrote: Jarry wrote: Hi, I want to emerge a certain package, let's say x11-base/xorg-drivers, so I try first emerge --pretend xorg-drivers and find it has ~50 various use-flags (some set, some unset). Where can I find

Re: [gentoo-user] Layman and eix-sync

2009-11-11 Thread Johannes Kimmel
Dale wrote: Hi, I'm using layman to keep KDE 3.5 installed and have a question. I run eix-sync to sync my tree. From what I see, it appears it also syncs the layman part as well. Does it? This is what I see: [0] gentoo /usr/portage/ (cache: metadata-flat) Reading 100%

Re: [gentoo-user] xorg-server upgrading problem

2009-11-09 Thread Johannes Kimmel
Roy Wright wrote: On Nov 9, 2009, at 1:04 AM, Johannes Kimmel wrote: Try to resync and emerge the new eselect-opengl and run eselect opengl set nvidia again. This could fix it, as I had a similar problem. The old eselect did something wrong, but I can't remember exactly because it went

Re: [gentoo-user] xorg-server upgrading problem

2009-11-08 Thread Johannes Kimmel
Roy Wright wrote: Howdy, I have a home server/htpc (~x86) that I'm finally updating after a few months and I hit an issue with xorg-server. Here's the background: Was at xorg-server-1.6.3 and current sync tried to upgrade to 1.7.1, which failed to compile. In researching on b.g.o.,

Re: [gentoo-user] Short cut for unmerging all packages that are not longer in the tree

2009-10-22 Thread Johannes Kimmel
Helmut Jarausch wrote: Hi, is there an easy way to unmerge all packages which are no longer in the current portage tree. (Those make problems on update world) Many thanks for a hint, Helmut. if packages are not in the portage tree, they should not be pulled in anymore. therefore