Re: [Gimp-developer] anti-swpat campaigner seeks pantone p atent details

2005-08-29 Thread Michael Schumacher
 Von: Alastair M. Robinson [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:
  The lack of Pantone support in GIMP is a useful example of how software
  users are harmed by software patents, but to make this claim I need to
  be able to point out which patents cause this problem.
 Is that really a patent issue?  Pantone support need be nothing more 
 complicated than a name - colour lookup table.  (That's how InDesign 
 implements it - an EPS file defining a shedload of CMYKCustomColors).
 I would have thought that the issue with Pantone colours would be 
 Trademark and/or Copyright.

Pantone owns the copyright of the Pantone* terms and the color names.
Googling for pantone copyright truns up at least one case where this was
used to get a pantone palette off the web.

  If no-one minds, I'll submit the information here too:

Does anyone update this site? Right now, it reads like the LZW patent is
still being claimed. I thought this went away last year?

 Publishing any examples you may find could, unfortunately, backfire for 
 the same reason.

Especially if the page is not kept up-to-date - we don't need another source
to spread FUD, the holders of trivial patents can dothis on their own.


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Re: [Gimp-developer] authors.xml, volunteer needed

2005-08-29 Thread Sven Neumann
Hi Tor,

thanks a lot for giving authors.xml a go. Will you do another patch
incorporating the suggestions that have been made on the list or
should we just commit your first patch and work from there?


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Re: [Gimp-developer] Using GIMP for Paper Prototyping the Colors Menu

2005-08-29 Thread Sven Neumann

Akkana Peck [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:

 Apparently someone (in gnome?) is working on some sort of
 card-sorting app to help with distributed paper prototyping.

The application I am speaking of is being developed by the team behind The main advantage will be that it will includes
code for analysing the results.

 Anyone concerned with the Colors menu, please try this and drag
 stuff around and see if you find groupings you like better than the
 current ones.

 For the current Colors menu, the strings to paste into the
 paperproto dialog are (copy and paste the whole block):

If you use the menu labels you imply that the user knows what the
filters behind these names do. Otherwise you are just sorting the
terms, not the actual meaning. We should try to avoid that and let
users sort cards that have a short description of the filter instead
of asking them to sort the menu labels.

But certainly your card-sorting prototype can already help the way it
is. It just requires experienced gimp users.

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