[Gimp-developer] ANNOUNCE: GIMP 1.3.22

2003-11-03 Thread Sven Neumann
Hey GIMPers, there's a new development snapshot in the 1.3 series of The GIMP, version 1.3.22, now available for download from ftp://ftp.gimp.org/pub/gimp/v1.3/v1.3.22/ or from one of the mirrors listed at http://gimp.org/download.html This release focuses on bug fixes and thus it should be

[Gimp-developer] Re: Gimp 1.3.22

2003-11-03 Thread Tor Lillqvist
(Redirected to gimp-developer) Is there any special reason that (almost?) all win32-specific stuff seems to be missing from release tarballs No. The reason is nobody has tried to build for Win32 from a tarball, so nobody has noticed... or at least not reported her problems. (the same thing