Re: ban request

2000-12-27 Thread Seth Burgess

 it's been my experience that last year's whining
 screaming can quite often
 be next years' thoughtful contribution.  he
 definitely cares about the
 design, enough to get upset and scream about it. 
 maybe he has to learn
 some things, but if you want a nice quiet list full
 of nice quiet
 agreement that sounds more like a support group.  

There's been a level of civility around here that gets
violated from time to time.  Banning is an
overreaction, but whether or not he realizes it, he's
effectively banning himself.  The only reason I might
read one of his posts now is for entertainment
purposes, even though I'm sure he has something useful
to say somewhere.  Its not worth my time to sort
through the insults and profanity to come up with a
small nugget of "that might be useful".  I'm sure I'm
not alone in this regard.

Timecop, please try to remember that developers and
other contributors are people too. 

Happy GIMPing, and may this thread die a timely death.


 On Wed, 27 Dec 2000, Rebecca J. Walter wrote:
  Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 12:24:45 +0100
  From: Rebecca J. Walter [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  Subject: ban request
  i would like to request that timecop be banned
 from this list.
  is that possible? if so, would someone please do
 that?  he obviously
  fails to appreciate the quality program the
 developers have made
  available to us and his constant cursing and
 complaining is a waste of
  band width.
  thank you.

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Re: Gimp testing

2000-11-12 Thread Seth Burgess

 band of intrepid explorers could cd to

My, I didn't notice that... How long has it been

Still, its not exactly comprehensive.

 "Asbjorn" Wilber whispered softly. "Asbjorn

But a start!

Happy GIMPing,
Seth Burgess

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Re: Gimp tool icons

2000-11-04 Thread Seth Burgess

 UI feedback...(for those who care)
 I used to be a photoshop user back in the 3.* days
 I switched to the Gimp in 98 timeframe, I figured
 hey I know how to use an image editor inside and out
 I should not have to read about how this thing
 the brushes menu did take me longer to find than
 most other UI
 features. However once i found it I did think it was
 rather intuitive.
 (p.s. adventually i did rtfm)

That was the purpose behind the addition of the brush
indicator - hopefully its a bit more obvious to click
on the brush to change it.  This was after 98 though,
so your "new user" experience may not be terribly
helpful in this case.  Any new users since the
addition of the brush indicators had problems?

Seth Burgess

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Re: Trouble with gimp_text_get_extents_fontname and gimp_text_fontname

2000-10-09 Thread Seth Burgess


Could you send me the script?

Seth Burgess

--- "Darren R. C. KELLY" [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 [using gimp-1.0.4-3 ]
 Dear Gimp-developer,
 I have a Gimp-perl script for generating rollie
 buttons that used to work but
 now fails,
 presumably because of the following message I
 receive on starting Gimp:
  1: wire_read: unexpected EOF (plug-in crashed?)
  2: overwriting
 Gimp::Lib::gimp_text_get_extents_fontname (1,1)
  3: overwriting Gimp::Lib::gimp_text_fontname (1,1)
  4: overwriting
 Gimp::Lib::gimp_text_get_extents_fontname (1,1)
  5: overwriting Gimp::Lib::gimp_text_fontname (1,1) 
 wire_read: unexpected EOF
 (plug-in crashed?)
 (my linenumbers)
 Line 1: no idea what it is but I don't think it is
 Lines 2-5: gimp_text_get_extents_fontname and
 are the routines where my plugin _now_ crashes.
 "Now" means I have successfully
 used the script a few weeks back and have not
 changed it since. This begs the
 question "what has changed". In any case it seems
 these scripts are being
 on startup.
 Thankfull for any advice,
 Darren Kelly

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Re: please help (GIMP user)

2000-09-15 Thread Seth Burgess

While this would better go to the gimp-user mailing
list, I'll go ahead and clear it up.  You're using the
clone tool, as a clone tool.  To use it as a pattern
copy tool, you'll need to double click on that tool
and set the option to use a pattern source.  If you
instead want to use it as a clone tool, you have to
hold down Control the first time you click it to set
the source location.

Happy GIMPing,
Seth Burgess

--- Michelle M [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 I dont know who else to ask for gimp help, so I am
 writing to this address.
 When I want to paint/fil using a pattern, it wont
 work. I choose the 
 pattern, and the tool I think is the right one, and
 go and try and draw with 
 the said pattern on the picture, but it wont let me.
 It shows the tool and a 
 circle with a diaganal line through it as a pointer.
 Is there are right and 
 wrong way to try and draw using a pattern? Apart
 from that gimp is perfect 
 and I love it. I have the windows version of it,
 from Hope you 
 can help, because the help files that gimp comes
 with (and the help at your 
 site) doesnt give me a a clue to what I am doing
  Michelle MacWhirter, Auckland, New zealand.

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Re: TAB to hide toolbox and all dialog windows...

2000-06-06 Thread Seth Burgess


Try hitting "Tab" while in an image.


* Jon Winters ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000606 22:27]:
 One of the things that I like about Photoshop is the ability to hit the
 "tab" button on the keyboard and hide everything but the cursor and the
 image.  I use it often when photoshopping and miss it sorely when
 If this is already built in please accept my apology and clue me in as
 to how it works.  If not I would like to request it as a feature once
 1.2 is shipping and the freeze is lifted.
 Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
 Jon Winters
"Everybody Loves The GIMP!"

Re: IrfanView

2000-05-28 Thread Seth Burgess

* Tor Lillqvist ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000528 16:43]:
 Hago Ziegler writes:
   Now he told me that he can't find sources or specifications, so he can't do
 Huh? The GIMP sources are easy to find. The only documentation for the
 xcf format *is* the source code in xcf.c and other files.

Actually, there is a document describing the format in the docs/
directory of the source tree.  It might not be perfectly up to date, but
I suspect its fairly close.

 reason to use xcf format in the first place is when you are working on
 some multi-layer or otherwise complex image in the GIMP and want to
 save it between editing sessions, wouldn't it be counter-productive if
 IrfanView would show only the bottom layer?

No, you store all niftiness such as paths, etc.  Though if you can't
view the layers, its not as cool/useful.  From a work standpoint, it
only makes sense though - you'd have to implement every
layer/mask/channel/etc mode and behavior to properly see files.

 Xcf is not intended to be an image distribution format, or an image
 interchange format between applications. I don's see why anybody would
 distribute xcf images except if they are 100% sure that the
 recipient(s) are going to work on them with the (same version of)

I'll agree with this.  But it'd be nice to be able to let image
cataloging programs at least get a reasonable thumbnail; something to
discuss for future xcf formats I suppose...

Seth Burgess

Re: active_drawable

2000-04-04 Thread Seth Burgess

A couple things...

1) you may not be actually loading the image for whatever reason.  This
wouldn't show up until you try to access it by its handle.

2) There's no guarentee that the just created image contains the active
drawable at all.  You should really do a @layers = $img-get_layers and
use $layers[0] instead.

3) It could be that something else is really causing the problem; 
difficult to see w/o the script.  It may be a deeper gimp problem too.

Hope this helps,
Seth Burgess

* Charles Brasted ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000404 08:37]:
 Doing some development of automating image processing.  I need some advice.
 I'm using gimp1.1.19/perl-Gimp1.1/glib1.2.7/gtk1.2.7 under RH 6.1.
 Basically I'm trying to convert the background colour of an image - there
 are loads of cool Gimp factory functions to do that, no problems.
 But, all the perl-gimp functions that do this need to act on a drawable, not
 an image, which is fair enough.  Problem is, I load the image, ie:
 $img = gimp_file_load(Gimp::RUN_NONINTERACTIVE, $file, $file);
 works fine, but
 $drawable = gimp_image_active_drawable($img);
 fails.  This aint a reported bug...any ideas?
 Is there a better way to define a drawable for a loaded img?

Re: Wishlist Buglist for gimp 1.2

2000-03-27 Thread Seth Burgess

* Ar't ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000327 18:13]:

Hadn't heard of this one.  Will investigate.

 burst init_progress

What is the supposed to mean?  Burst does indeed work.  I've used it
quite a bit recently.  If you're having a problem, I'm gonna need a bit 
more than this to figure it out...

 blowinout now, what does this one do, really ?

It creates a rather unique fade effect by "blowing" an image out of the 
picture, or blowing it in.  The Help button might have given you some 
insight there.  Its default parameters don't really do it any justice
however, and it seems somewhat out of place on the animation menu (even
though it creates an animation, everything else there consists of
general animation operations.)

 these are not getting copied to $gimp_dir

billboard is broken.  I don't anticipate fixing it.  It should be

Feedback is one of those ones that I felt too useless to install, so
I asked Marc not to install it.  We should remove it from the distro
before 1.2 to avoid confusion.

 Is "2x2 Blur"(perl) and "Blur"(C) not the same, if so then why double
 the same plugin (and keep your hands away from the C version)

No, they're not.  If you'd look at the source, the PDB blurb, or the
rather longish thread on gimp-devel in the past on this, you'd see that
the plug-in-blur is 3x3, where the perl-fu-blur is 2x2.  BTW, if I find a
bug in the C version, I'll fix it thank you.

 When I click the arrows in image space (navigator or so) I get: 
 initial_sub_region:: error :: src-w * (src-bytes + 1)  512

Can you fill out a more complete bug report on this one, as a separate
document?  I see where in the code that is occurring, but have no idea
what you might be doing to get it.  Also, do you suffer any other
effects as a result of this?  Perhaps a message saying something about
tiles when you exit?  What version of gimp?  Please use the form found 

ommitting ground covered by others

Thanks for the report!

Seth Burgess

Re: Gimp User Installation Dialog.

2000-03-26 Thread Seth Burgess

 The truth is: any window may or may not fit any screen size, as the gimp
 has _no_ control over the pixelsize of it's windows. 

I'm going to assume I misunderstood you here; gimp most certainly tries
to control the size of its windows, through zoom or use of scrollbars.
It does its darndest to make sure images will fit on a screen, and makes
suggestions to the wm to put them there (the wm is free to ignore this).

The same care has not been taken for all elements of gimp, and this
sloppiness shows up in dialogs that run off even huge screens.  I think
that this is what you're trying to address, yes?

Seth Burgess

Re: Suggestion: disabling Perl-Fu installation if Gtk-Perl is not present

2000-03-08 Thread Seth Burgess

On Wed, Mar 08, 2000 at 01:07:52PM +0100, Raphael Quinet wrote:
 This has been suggested before, but I would like to bring it up
 again...  I think that it would be better to disable the installation
 of all Perl-Fu scripts if any of the required modules (Gtk, PDL,
 Data::Dumper, Parse::RecDescent) are not detected by the configure
 script or, more exactly, by Makefile.PL.

Parse::RecDescent is used only by the script-fu to perl-fu converter,
AFIAK.  I get Data::Dumper installed as part of perl-base.  If there's
a perl distro without that, it probably won't be terribly useful for
developing perl based scripts (guessing).  In any case, if 
Parse::RecDescent is affecting running of any plug-ins, I'd call that
a bug.

As far as PDL and Gtk goes, I'm in agreement that it shouldn't 
install those scripts with those dependencies uless those packages are 
detected.  gimptool should be able to install them later for users 
wishing to upgrade later - its the way everything else in gimp works.

 perlotine: the gtk perl module is required to open a dialog
 window, running with default values (perl_fu_perlotine)
 perlotine: No horizontal or vertical guides found. Aborted. at 
/usr/lib/gimp/1.1/plug-ins/perlotine line 176. (ERROR)

This error anyway is legit - you need guides to run perlotine!  It would 
tell you so in a dialog box, but its not availble for lack of Gtk.  In
this case, I think the commandline is pretty clear.

Were the color related PDB errors pre or post Gimp-Edit-Fill changes?

Seth Burgess

Re: active gradient suggestion

2000-02-19 Thread Seth Burgess

 Maybe best would be to have a magic entry in the gradient editor
 "FG-BG" and "BG-FG" which would change accordingly, and remove the
 selection from the gradient tool.

Make that the gradient selector rather than the editor, and I'll agree with you 
completely :)


Re: Small .....

2000-02-18 Thread Seth Burgess

On Fri, Feb 18, 2000 at 08:42:24PM +, Ar't wrote:
 * perl plugins 

What in particular do you see as a disadvantage about the perl plugins?
Their existance alone seems to irk some people, for reasons I'm not 
at all clear on.  I happen to think some of them are kinda neat myself,
but then again I am rather biased.  If you could expound here...


One more feature?

2000-02-05 Thread Seth Burgess

I'd really like to see the setting for default brush reappear.  So
much so that I'd do it myself.  

Hows this fit with the freeze?  I hate to violate the freeze, esp
since its been getting better.  But I'm SO SICK OF THAT CALIGRAPHIC 
BRUSH (10x10)!  Comments?


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Re: Removing pencil?

2000-02-05 Thread Seth Burgess

My vote is for the merge of pencil and paintbrush.  I don't see that 
having a hard-edged paintbrush is really worthy of its own icon, though
it will need an option added in paintbrush.  I don't know of anything
that utilizes pencil in PDB at this point, but maybe I'm mistaken?  I 
doubt removing pencil* would hurt much...

Speaking of PDB, thats something that needs some serious updating - lots
of the abilities are no longer accessible for quite a few of the tools.
gimp-paintbrush for example doesn't include incremental, the fade out
distance, the gradient selection/type, or the units.  I suspect others
have gotten similarly out-of-sync as we madly added niftyness...

I'd hope this would be a pre-1.2 bug-fix, since missing PDB stuff has
traditionally been handled in that manner.


* Marc Lehmann ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000205 16:40]:
 On Sat, Feb 05, 2000 at 07:13:00PM +0200, Tuomas Kuosmanen [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
  in my previous mail on this thread, I use the paintbrush as a "fine tuning"
  tool together with the "real" tool I am drawing with. And if it is the
  paintbrush, then there is no way to toggle fast between those.. clicking a
  checkbox every time instead of pressing a shortcut key sounds clumsy.
 I guess the correct fix (in 1.3!!) would be to be able to attach shortcuts
 to checkboxes.
 For 1.2 there IMHO shouldn't be a merge.
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One more feature?

2000-01-27 Thread Seth Burgess

I'd really like to see the setting for default brush reappear.  So
much so that I'd do it myself.  

Hows this fit with the freeze?  I hate to violate the freeze, esp
since its been getting better.  But I'm SO SICK OF THAT CALIGRAPHIC 
BRUSH (10x10)!  Comments?


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Re: LinuxWorld slides

2000-01-01 Thread Seth Burgess

* Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000101 12:00]:
 After much procrastination, and input from a number of helpful sources,
 I've finished my slides for my LinuxWorld talk.  I've put them online and
 would appreciate any feedback, especially if there are any glaring errors
 in content or format.
 Federico did something before Manish, no? Well, that is what I think. Can
 anyone say if that part of timeline is 100% correct? What did Federico? Just
 code some parts or manage source tree for some time? Now I have the doubt, I
 would like it solved. Thanks.

Yes, Federico did indeed have a period as gimp maintainer.  My pre-1.0 history
may be found at for
those that are curious.

Someone should really pick up from there so the year and a half since
this was last touched isn't lost forever...

Seth Burgess

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Re: Icons in LC dialog (and elsewhere)

1999-10-23 Thread Seth Burgess

On Sat, 23 Oct 1999, Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:

 IMHO a little facelift can't hurt and the anchor does fit better with
 the Gnome icons. 
 They look nice, but you should change all the Gimp icons then, so GUI is
 consistent. Other graphics apps still use BW only, BTW, and nobody

Well, FDP uses rather vivid colors and pictures to describe their tools.
I don't think it adds to the usability, but gives a nice first impression.
However, the gnome icons do neither IMHO.  The anchor does look slightly
better, but replacing all icons to fit with the anchor seems a bit silly.


(p.s. I don't care, I know how to replace pixmaps)

Re: Which Save filters should be enabled?

1999-10-20 Thread Seth Burgess

My $0.02,

Let the user select what they want immediately.  Anything else is merely
annoying and doesn't add significant value.  So my vote is for anything
with export to say it can do anything.


On Wed, 20 Oct 1999, Nick Lamb wrote:

 The Export functionality slowly creeping into CVS Gimp is really nice,
 but it leaves me with a dilemma somewhat related to my last set of
 changes (ie fixing Save As... list of save formats)
 Should plug-ins which have working Export declare themselves capable of
 all image formats for the purposes of the Save As... dialog, or is better
 to show only the ones which would hopefully not need Export for the
 current image type?
 I would like to tidy up the plug-in entries for this sort of data, but
 I want an idea of how others feel about this before I make wholesale
 changes. Changes must be made in any case (the settings for some plug-ins
 are presently quite wrong).
 FWIW My opinion is that we could have a half-way house, where formats
 are enabled [*] if they would be "visually lossless" after Export...
 So JPEG would claim RGB, GRAY and INDEXED, PNG would claim all formats,
 GIF would claim GRAY* and INDEXED*, etc. etc.
 * Just like now, you would still be able to choose ANY format by typing
 the correct suffix when entering the filename. This enable/disable
 mechanism affects only the listbox.